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Welcome to Stew Over

Room for Aggressive Expansion
In March, Chas and I started a blog called Now Loadin’ where we wrote and podcasted about video games. As strange as it might sound, this has been some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I love video games, and having an outlet to talk and write about them has been an absolute blast. While we’ve been able to get a few of our friends involved in contributing to the site, it became clear that they didn’t necessarily share the same passion for video games that Chas and I do.  Which, admittedly, is not unusual since our passion is borderline unhealthy.

The idea for a new, better website was born out of the fact that Chas and I know a lot of smart, creative, funny people who have a wide range of interests and professions–and who we knew we could cajole, guilt, or harass into contributing their talents to the site.

That new, better website is called Stew Over.  Welcome to the site.

Now, when I was talking about a wide range of people, I meant it.  Here are some of the day jobs our contributors have:

  • Attorney
  • Insurance professional
  • Marketing creative
  • Physician
  • Beer and spirits guru
  • Engineer
  • Chemist
  • Professional cellist
  • Editor at a non-profit
  • Sales Professional
  • World traveler

Can it even get any wider? (That’s what she said!)

We’re excited about all the phenomenal content we’re going to share with you about movies, television, booze, music, science, games, travel, and whatever else we can come up with. We hope to entertain, inform, and converse about all of those topics and more.

What game should I buy for the holidays? Are any of the new TV shows worth watching? What should I know about whiskey to start drinking it knowledgeably? I’d to take a trip overseas but I can’t decide where to go- do you have any suggestions? These are a few of the many questions we’ll attempt to answer here at Stew Over.

For those of you who have followed us at Now Loadin’, I’d can personally assure you that your video game content will not suffer. In fact, with more editors contributing regularly, I expect you’ll see even more video game content. The Now Loadin’ Podcast will continue its march of glory, so continue to subscribe!

We’re eager to get started and hear from you, the readers, as well. Comment on the stories, follow us on Twitter, and email us if there’s something you want to hear about.

everybody [AT] stewover [DOT] com

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