NBC, Do Not Cancel Your Best Show (Community)

For nearly two and a half seasons, NBC’s Community has been “The Little Engine That Could” of TV comedy. No other comedy series, particularly on NBC, has created such a charming ensemble of  characters, expertly employed such an impressive array of guest stars, and crushed out such boundlessly creative episodes as “Modern Warfare,” “Dungeons and Dragons,” and “Remedial Chaos Theory.”  And finally, and perhaps most importantly, how else would we get served up a weekly hot cup of Chang?  While most other comedies rest on their laurels, Community is the only show that routinely delights and surprises me every week.

After barely scoring a season 2 renewal, Community has grown up to be the best comedy on TV.  But a few weeks ago, when NBC announced its new prime time schedule, Community wasn’t on it.   That means that the second half of season 3 is basically on hold, and while that’s not as bad as it being outright cancelled, it doesn’t bode well for a season 4 renewal. 

I don’t want to spend next summer like the insane Arrested Development fans who sold their first-borns to get the show back on the air.  So let’s just keep a fantastic comedy on the air this time, cool?  Let’s save Community.

Here are your next steps:

  • If you’re watching Community, I love you / go to Save-Community.com and fill out the petition.
  • If you’re not watching Community, you should feel ashamed of yourself / start watching it.

I want to live in a world where John Goodman can have astronauts make paninis: 


Dave, our wonderful Editor-in-Chief, argues that Parks and Recreation is a stronger show than Community on average.  The concept being that Community swings between extreme highs and extremely average episodes, whereas Parks and Recreation, carried on the back of the stalwart Ron Swanson, provides a reliably strong, if rarely outstanding, 22 minutes of comedy.  After the upcoming mid-season finales on December 8, I’ll take a look at Dave’s theory with some actual data to see if it holds water. 


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