Someone Please Talk Me Out of Buying The SupaBoy

Those of you who followed me at Now Loadin’ know that I love the Super Nintendo. It’s my favorite gaming system of all time and a number of my favorite games appeared on the system. Recently, I read about the SupaBoy. and my inner child is screaming at me to click on this link and purchase it from Amazon immediately.

This device is a completely portable Super Nintendo! It plays the games straight from the cartridge! I still have an unhealthy amount of these cartridges! It also provides the ability to hook it up to a television and play SNES on any TV. I know the battery life is only 2.5 hours but that’s all I’d need to take my trip to and from work. Plus, it’s only $80.

My inner child makes a pretty compelling case, although it’s entirely flawed. For one I already have a portable Nintendo gaming machine called the 3DS. I’m currently playing and loving Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. I’ve got Chrono Trigger (a DS game) that I still want to play. I’m not exactly hurting for portable games at this point. In addition, lugging cartridges around would be a pain. I’d have to dedicate to playing one game and one game only during the day. But still, can you imagine playing A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy III, Super Metroid, Super Mario WorldSim City, F-Zero, or Donkey Kong Country on the go?

I just know I’m going to buy this unless I hear compelling arguments to the contrary. So please, good friends of Stew Over, talk me out of buying the SupaBoy. It’s for my own good.



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