Now Loadin’ 2-2: Kevin’s Quest I: Collect all of the wooden bowls in Skyrim!

Now Loadin’ 2.2 loads up this week with a special guest podcaster, Stew Over’s very own editor and casual trumpet player: Kevin.


  • Kevin switches from iPhone to DROID RAZR just for the interactive backgrounds
  • Dave walks on sunshine as Nintendo starts to reanimate for the holiday season
  • Everyone gets aggravated by the Playstation Vita
  • Chas gets upset by region locking and its ability to delay the U.S. viewing of BBC TV shows in which men crossdress as old ladies
  • The British start installing games inside urinals (related news: you can subscribe to Tetris for $30 a month)
  • Dave continues to care about Miyamoto’s employment at Nintendo / Kevin and Charlie continue to not give a damn
  • Kevin gets excited for an iPhone app that will track all of the garbage he stole and littered across Skyrim

Lord Kevin! Over my dead body will you steal the Companions' flatware again!

Load up!

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