The Top 25 Simpsons Episodes of All Time: Part III

We continue today with five more classic episodes. If you missed part I you can check it out here. Part II is here.






15. Homer at the Bat 317
In an attempt to bolster the power plant,s softball team, Mr. Burns hires some of the biggest baseball stars of the day. As they all fall victim to various ailments, it’s up to Homer to win the game.
Best Line: “You! Look at what you’ve done. My starting pitcher thinks he’s a chicken.”
Best Moment: Watching the big leaguers come down with various ridiculous ailments. Big Head Ken Griffey Jr. was my favorite.






14. Cape Feare 502
When Sideshow Bob hunts down Bart, the Simpsons are forced to go into witness a protection program.
Best Line: Homer whispering to Marge: “Marge, I think he’s talking to you.”
Best Moment: The punishment Sideshow Bob takes is legendary, but my favorite is when he steps on multiple upturned rakes.






13. The Mysterious Voyage of Homer 809
While attending a chili cook-off, Homer coats his tongue in wax in order to withstand the hottest pepper. The pepper causes some crazy hallucinations, however.
Best Line: “Call this an unfair generalization if you must, but old people are no good at everything.”
Best Moment: The entire hallucination scene is great, but the highlight is the spirit guide voiced by Johnny Cash.






12. Last Exit to Springfield 417

When the power plant goes on strike, Homer is selected to be the labor union’s representative.
Best Line: “Lisa needs braces, Dental Plan!”
Best Moment: Homer thinking that Mr. Burns is coming on to him.






11. You Only Move Twice 802
Homer takes a job working for Globex and his boss Scorpio is, unbeknownst to Homer, an international terrorist.
Best Line: “By the way Homer, what’s your least favorite country? Italy or France?” Homer, “France.” Hank Scorpio: “heh heh heh. Nobody ever says Italy…”
Best Moment: Homer unwittingly foiling the government’s attempt to stop Hank Scorpio by kicking a wayward grenade.


Check back tomorrow for episodes 10-6 on the countdown and again on Friday for my favorite five Simpsons episodes of all time!

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