Now Loadin’ 2-6: Kid Icarus: One of the Top 11 Archers in Pop Culture? & “the Great Meta-Bet of 2012”

On this holy day, Chas and Dave return to the digital pulpet at their church of gaming to give their weekly Now Loadin’ sermon.

  • Dave and Chas talk about an angel at length (just like a real sermon!)
  • SOPA is censored by the internet for the ultimate ironic victory
  • Dave and Chas make a year long gamble of epic proportions
  • Legolas sends Chas and Dave on a tremendous tangent on archery
  • Supaboy gets a “D” for D-pad and for being terrible
  • Chas demands respect for Chicago gamers
  • Dave gets a Hylian reason to dust off his clarinet


These angels were not discussed.  It’s very regrettable.

Check back every Sunday for more Now Loadin’ (and hopefully cooler/hotter angels!)

Load up!

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