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Work It!

So I was going to start a running review of the new ABC show Work It! for StewOver, only to have the show get canceled after two episodes. Two episodes! Who knew a show about cross dressers starring Amaury Nolasco and Benjamin Koldyke would piss off the gay community? As Seinfeld would say, they were probably offended as comedians. The show was beyond terrible, and the train wreck was worth an episode. 

Since you can’t even watch the show, I’m shortening my review considerably. The following screen grabs from episode 2 are really the only way to describe this show: 

ABC Presents: Work It!

A New Show about Men Dressed as Women.

Independent Review:

If anyone can find these episodes, please send the link to StewOver. They are an enjoyable train wreck and appallingly bad comedy.

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