Listen to This: Top Score

I’d like to provide a friendly public serviceĀ announcement. If you like video games or video game music, you should be listening to the Top Score podcast presented by Minnesota Public Radio. The show’s host, Emily Reese, conducts intelligent interviews with the composers of some of our favorite video game soundtracks. As music from games becomes increasingly integral to the play experience, the scores become more and more complex and interesting. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find and download this music. The show does an excellent job of discussing the music and playing bits and pieces of the wonderful soundtracks.

My favorite episode so far featured Garry Schyman, the composer for Bioshock. Other great episodes have featured Bill Elm (Red Dead Redemption), Normand Corbeil (Heavy Rain), and Greg Edmonson (Uncharted).

The episodes generally run 30-45 minutes and are interesting throughout. They air approximately every other week, so between listening to episodes of Now Loadin’ and Stew Over, check out Top Score.

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