Stewing Over Super Bowl XLVI

Well gang, Football season is over, our yearly time of darkness has begun.   The NFL will basically go dark for a bit until the combine and the draft.  Sports talk radio will reset to boring and at some point soon I’ll find myself trying to decide whether to listen to an NPR fundraising drive or a discussion on the Denver Nuggets.   It’s all a little too depressing to contemplate, lets get to the topics.

The Game

Burner: New York defeated New England 21-17.  This was a pretty good game over all and let’s face it, a close game that New England doesn’t win is the best we could hope for.  It was close through out, we had a great drive at the end of the 1st half from New England, a come back by New York, and Tom Brady failing to drive for the game winning score despite having nearly a full minute.   The two big factors in this one were New York’s D-Line disrupting Brady and lots of drops by New England wide receivers.  It’s not too much of a surprise that the Giants D-Line was in Brady’s face all day, that’s been their model for success for years now and was a big part of why they won their last Super Bowl.   The drops by the Patriot receivers though were a surprise, especially the critical drop by the usually sure handed Wes Walker.  In the end this was a game that easily could have gone the other way, take away a couple of those drops or the intentional grounding safety that Brady gave up and we could be talking about Brady and Bellicheck being the greatestests of all time ever ever.  As much as I never want to see New York sports teams win, at least we were spared a Boston team winning.

Kevin: I’m still upset that the meteor strike directly on the stadium didn’t happen. That’s what Dave and I were rooting for. The game itself, from what I saw in-between beer chugs and stuffing my face full of food, seemed pretty tight. The catch by Manningham was amazing. Overall it seemed like a pretty evenly matched game that just came down to a play or two. I gotta believe if these two teams play 10 times they each win 5.

Anyone read Simmons’ article recapping the whole thing? It was fine, except for the part where he starts ranting about how Brady might have lost some points in Boston and that he’s going to have to “win” some fans back. Leave it to shit-hole Boston fans to rag on their Hall-of-Fame, “I gave you three Superbowls you whiney assholes,” quarterback because of two, last-minute losses IN THE SUPERBOWL. Let’s see, every other NFL fan – never had a QB like Brady, haven’t been to 5 Superbowls in ten seasons, haven’t won three of them….yeah, Boston go fuck yourself in the eye.

Dave: Yes, the “Meteor!” chant was in full effect and I am sad that we didn’t get it. However, the game was pretty interesting. The last time I remember not caring about the teams this much was that terrible Bucks Vs. Raiders Super Bowl where Tampa Bay won in a blow out. This one was close the entire way and came down to a barely missed Hail Mary. That’s about as good as you can hope for when you’re rooting for both teams to lose. I was definitely rooting for the Giants though and happy to see New England go down. There wasn’t a dominate team this year, and the Giants won in a weird year where everyone was dealing with a million injuries thanks to the non-existent off season. I think we’ll end up looking back on this the same way we look at the 1999 NBA Champion. The Giants won a game of attrition more than anything. A championship is a championship though.Agreed Boston fans are complete morons. I understand in Chicago we’re a little ridiculous in that the second you win one championship you get a pass for life, but for what Brady’s accomplished he should be able to go out on the field and take a knee every possession and still get cheered.

My favorite part of watching it with Kevin was that after rooting for the Giants the whole game, he realized he could win $15 if the Patriots scored a touchdown at the end of the game and he IMMEDIATELY switched allegiances.

Elisha Manning, best Manning ever?

Burner: I’m a bit torn on this one.  When you look at how dramatically the Colts collapsed without Peyton, at his four MVPs, his sustained period of excellence, it makes it hard to declare Eli the B.M.E.   But then all Eli has to say is “two rings.”  I have to give it to Peyton.  Eli has been on consistently better teams than Peyton but has only just emerged as a top flight quarterback this year.   The conversation is a lot closer than I ever thought it would be though.

Kevin: Agreed that this conversation never would have been had before 2007. He made a decent point this morning on the radio when asked if he was going to brag to Peyton about it: it’s a team game and he’s had great defenses and special teams. In other words, he’s had better players and better all-around teams, so he can’t take all the credit. And I think that’s where the argument ends for me. As this year for the Colts proved, Peyton Manning made a LOT of guys around him better. He single-handedly made the Colts a contender. Eli is just a good piece on a good team. Yes, he has a knack for the 4th quarter comebacks, so give him props, but I’m still not ready to crown him as an hall-of-fame, elite QB yet. But he’s damn close.

Aside – this still doesn’t excuse the fact that Eli is a jerkoff. As I’ve said before, he was Lebron James before The Decision. So, he can say all the right things and win MVP’s, but at the end of the day his brother didn’t puss-out when he was selected by a small market team. But he did. [ed. Except for the part where Eli didn’t hold a one hour special to tell his home town and team to sit and spin.  What he did was have his representatives tell an organization that had not yet drafted him and that we have all agreed, in this very space, is dysfunctional, that he wouldn’t be willing to sign with them. Other than that totally the same.]

Dave: This isn’t a discussion. Peyton’s the better QB. That doesn’t and shouldn’t take away from the fact that Eli’s a great QB too, and a really great one in clutch situations, but Petyon’s the better QB. That idea is talk radio fodder and completely ridiculous. I do agree with Kevin- he’s the pre-decision Lebron. I still hate him for that.

The Commercials

Burner: Pretty weak crop this year.  I thought the Volkswagen dog/Star Wars commercial was weak and a forced call back to last year’s clever Vader-Kid commercial.  Other than that the only other one that really stood out was Clint Eastwood’s growling pro-Detroit rant to get us to buy Italian cars manufactured in Detroit.  I was inspired to get off his yard, but not to buy a Chrysler.  Oh and when did the Coca Cola bears start looking so shitty?

Kevin: the commercials were bad. The Chrysler one was just a repeat so it wasn’t as impactful. Last year’s Eminem commercial was perfect – solid message (“we’re back”), nice style (good song selection) and cool visuals. This year it was a pep-talk that felt more like a scolding. Also, am I the only one that finds it incredibly sad that their tag line is “Imported from Detroit?” It’s like they’ve admitted they suck and have to play cute word games to take a jab at their competitors.

I liked the Fiat commercial, and I probably would have liked the Seinfeld/Leno one if I hadn’t seen it before the game. And yes, the Coke bears looked weird. Thankfully we didn’t have to see them 15 times because apparently Coke has a bazillion dollars to waste.

Dave:   I agree they mostly sucked. But they almost always do. Complaining that the commercials sucked at the Super Bowl is just a thing we all do now.

Madonna gays up Half Time

Burner: Some time last week it hit the internet that Madonna had said she was “really going to bring the gay” to this years halftime show, and she succeeded ably.  It was horrendous, dull, cliched gay, all Greeks and sequins but it sure was gay.   I have to say though that pulling a screen out onto the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium was pretty cool.  I especially liked when they faded out a image of the field and replaced it with a star field.  But look, if you want Laser Floyd for your half time show, go get Floyd.  Was anyone anywhere interested in watching Madonna hobble around and lip sink 20 year old songs?

Kevin: She looked more like a geriatric patient than a hot young singer. Guess that’s what you get when you’re in your 50’s but you try and dress and dance like you’re still 20. I will give them props for the “screen” on the field, that was cool.

Also, MIA, what was flipping the bird about? Self-promotion? I didn’t get that.

Dave: Here’s the best article I read about the half time show. I thought the show was fine. Like the commercials all everyone does is bitch about it. When was the last Super Bowl halftime show that people liked? It’s an impossible task. At least she did something different. As for M.I.A., the middle finger was clearly an attention grab that worked like gangbusters. She didn’t want to be known as Madonna’s cheerleader.

Burner: Here’s a possible task, no more Super Bowl half time shows.

Al and Cris

Burner: Last week we decided that Al and Cris were probably the best of a bad lot and for the most part they did a nice job with this year’s Super Bowl.  I do have to point out two examples of classic Collinsworth denying what is right before his eyes.  One the earlier mentioned Welker drop, Collinsworth says, “Welker catchs that ball 100 times out of 100” despite him having just dropped that pass.  If he wants to say 999 out of 1000 or something similar fine, but 100 out of 100 means he never drops it and is an assinine statement mere seconds after we watched Welker drop the pass.  As Christmas Ape over at Kissing Suzy Kolber said, that’s Phil Simms level stupidty right there.  The second was in discussing a pass interference non-call.  Collinsworth arguing that the non-call was correct says that the receiver didn’t have his body turned around by the defender.  Meanwhile on screen we watch the receivers body turn 180 degrees while the defender hangs on one of his shoulders.  In classic Collinsworth fashion he does not comment on the discrepancy.

Puppy Bowl

Kevin: Easily the best part of the evening, we had the puppy bowl, with Kitty Halftime Show!, on a second TV during the game. I found it pretty telling that at any given time 50% of the party attendees were watching the puppies and not the game. That and some gambling were about the only interesting parts of the whole experience. Sigh, fuck you Bears.

Dave: The Puppy Bowl sold out this year. Pigs as cheerleaders? Meep the Bird tweeting? Did you guys read some of those tweets? Clearly it was a human and not the bird making them. There’s no way he could use his beak to get that many tweets up during the game.

And that concludes StewOver’s coverage of the 2011 National Football League season.   I doubt we’ll do any draft coverage, because draft coverage is bullshit, no one really knows for at least 3 years how any given draft went.  So check back with us in the fall for a preview of the 2012 season.  Meanwhile keep stopping by to fulfill all your TV, Movie, and Video game reading needs.  If you’re lucky maybe Dave and Kevin will have something to say about college basketball too!

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