Now Loadin’ 2-9: Cults, Lost Cities and Toby Gard!

On Valentine’s Eve, when the barrier between love and senseless tradition is at its absolute thinnest, Chas and Dave get after the video game drama!

  • Tim Schafer asks his uncle for $20 and gets it. Sorry, quick correction, please replace “his uncle” with “the internet “and “$20” with “millions of dollars”
  • Blizzard slaps Valve across the face with the Glove of Justice
  • Toby Gard! (nuff said)
  • Chas tries to undo history but taking back a Game Stop Torture Chamber recommendation!
  • Dave walks into the Nintendo World Store, leaves penniless
  • Chas starts spinning Vita conspiracy theories, someone how tries to include IGN’s Greg Miller
  • Dave tells Chas Rockstar is considering creating L.A. Noire 2.  Chas almost turns the studio into an actual crime scene.

Toby Gard, yes, THE Toby Gard

Load up!

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