StewCast 2.2: Hangout with Your Friends: NBC, Maggie Smith, the NFL Combine, and Chas!

On this week’s StewCast Burner, Dave, and Kevin are joined by special guest Chas to discuss what’s going on in sports and entertainment.

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This week:

  • We express tentative enthusiasm at Community‘s return.
  • Led by Maggie Smith, “the English” invade American television.
  • Burner is creeped out by the NFL combine, but excited by the beefy young men it might bring to the St Louis Rams.
  • Dave takes one for the team and watches 15 whole minutes of the NBA All Star Game.
  • Kevin goes out on a limb and¬†recommends¬†hanging out with your friends.

All that and Betty White!

Stew Over it!

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