Assassin’s Creed III Gives Us Liberty or Gives Us Death…Probably Chooses Death

It looks like the setting of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III just leaked courtesy of a Best Buy employee trying to make some friends at IGN.

The following image is best viewed while listening to this:

I hope in one of the missions you get to fly a kite for Ben Franklin

  • Clearly takes place in/around Revolutionary War
  • Heavy Native-American influence. I can’t wait to upgrade my mocassins for silent tomahawk kills!
  • A little concerned about what kind of terrain you will be climbing since late 1700s America doesn’t have the same level of architecture as Renaissance Italy, etc.
  • Does this make “the British” ¬†Templars? ¬†I hope so (and I’ve always suspected they are..even to this very day.)
  • Hopefully you won’t have any of your weapons forged by this idiot:

Worst. Silversmith. EVER.

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