Get a life losers!

As of last Friday, two English wankers are already waiting in line at an Apple Store in London for the new iPad/iPad 3/iPad HD or whatever the fuck name of the latest over-hyped new incremental Apple iPad iteration.  Here’s the rub though: it comes out next Friday and they are going to waste their time sitting on the street for a week just like A HOMELESS PERSON.

I couldn’t dig up any details as to what these guys usually do all day but here’s an educated guess:

  • post negative reviews of video games, movies and TV shows they haven’t played or seen
  • embarrassing their families so much that they only talk about them outdoors and in hushed voices
  • a series of bong rips while watching Downton Abbey
  • a 24/7/365 fail-a-thon

The two losers in question. Image via Slashgear

Obviously the real reasons these fanboys are waiting outside the Apple store:

  1. to make a little extra cash.  Of course this is completely idiotic if you factor in that you are also flushing away a week’s worth of work wages or time off to sit out in the cold and eat Cheetos.
  2. so they can get on a popular site like Slashgear.  That said, if i wanted to get on Slashgear I could just record a video of myself EATING the new iPad or trying to dig up Steve Job’s grave. I’m sure i’d be on the homepage 10 seconds after those videos hit YouTube. But I’m not a bloody moron.

Source: Slashgear

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