The Walking DeadMATCH Character Battle: Final

Welcome to the fifth and final round of The Walking DeadMATCH Character Battle.

In the fourth round we lost the show’s main character and our beloved Hats / Caps.

Now it’s all down to almighty Hersheles and the Notorious O.M.L:

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Let’s finish this!

(1) Hersheles (Hershel) vs. (3) Old Man Lookout (Dale)

The seniors bracket

The kill: God Sheriff Hersheles sees that the last man standing is Old Man Lookout and his Caribbean RV conflict resolution center. He chuckles to himself.

OML walks up to Hersheles and prepares to drop a bunch of morals on him. But before OML can say a word, Hersheles sternly asks him to get off his property.  OML gives his standard “look” but then turns and starts walking back to his RV. Hersheles does a sweet draw and pulls a gun out of the back of his suspenders and shoots OML in the back.  Then Hersheles brings him into the house and performs surgery on him.  Hersheles saves OML’s life. Two weeks later OML has recovered enough to get up and walk around.  He walks to the farmhouse porch and sees  Hersheles who is reading a book and smoking a pipe.  Hersheles says hello to OML.

Hersheles asks OML if he’d like some coffee. Hersheles tells OML that the coffee tastes a little burnt and motions to the field outside the farmhouse.

OML screams as he sees:

Hershel started the fire!

Hersheles gives a wry smile, sips his coffee and presses play on his CD player to start this tune:

OML weeps to the calypso music.

After 10 minutes of moaning and sobbing, Hersheles puts down his coffee, dabs the sides of his mouth with a napkin and shoots OML in the head.

Winner: Hersheles (Hershel)

We knew it from the start.

Completed Brackets:

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