StewCast Special-1: Is Tom Hanks the Greatest Actor of All-time?

Today is March 31, better known to the cinema-loving world as International Tom Hanks Day.  On this blessed day we honor our favorite island-loving, Julia Roberts kissing astronaut bachelor by finally trying to answer the question, is Thomas Jeffrey Hanks the greatest actor of his generation and even more so, is he the greatest actor of all time?

Stew Over it!

The answer may surprise you…and it may not. Either way you’re going to get some good laughs!

"I've made over 20 movies, and 5 of them are good." -Tom Hanks


One thing we know for sure,  you should want to send Tom Hanks a fan letter telling him how good he was in the episode of Family Ties where he is an alcoholic, but you shouldn’t want to type the letter on a death certificate:


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