The Killing 2-1: Reflections

That’s right, I’m still watching The Killing. Hey, quit looking at me like that! After last year’s outrage over the ending of The Killing I decided that I would never watch this show again, however, I felt it in the best interest of the Stew Over readers that I would watch this season for you so you do not have to. If you remember, despite all sorts of marketing and developments in the show that led the audience to believe that we’d find out who Rosie Larson’s killer is, Season One ended on a cliffhanger. Councilman Richmond was shot by an employee of the Larson’s, Belco.

This season they totally pinkie swear they’ll tell us who killed Rosie but that means I have to sit though 12 episodes of waiting, including Sunday’s TWO HOUR premier.

Here’s a quick rundown of where the show stands after the first episode:

The Killer: Not identified
The Latest “Lead”: A large conspiracy

Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: Still trying to quit smoking by chain chewing Nicorette. As some secondary character said, she opened “The Pandora’s Box of Shit” by acquitting Councilman Richmond during the episode. On a side note, the Pandora’s Box of Shit is a great alternative name for the show.
Her Son Jack: Still an ungrateful bastard
Councilman Richmond: paralyzed from the waist down but alive. We find out that he tried to commit suicide the night Roise Larson was killed.
Belco: Shot dead after a failed escape attempt (or he committed suicide, either it wasn’t clear or I wasn’t paying close enough attention).
Detective Holder: Acting very strange (aka normally). It sounds like he may be a cog in a larger conspiracy.
Stan Larson: Angrily hitting things after Belco is killed, angrily yelling on the phone, angrily yelling at his kids.
Mitch Larson: Missing? Away? Who knows? Who cares.
Larson kids: Ungrateful bastards
Weather: Still raining

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