Google is FINALLY Making Me a Cyborg

At long last, my robo-dreams are coming true.

Today Google announced Project Glass, an augmented reality system that will overlay all of Google’s goodness (read: maps, contacts, video chat, etc.) right on top of your eyeballs.  I bet you are thinking, “WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC?!”

Sergey Brin inventing Project Glass

Well, Google is starting to demo the platform with Project Glass enabled spectacles but the hope is eventually the technology can also be applied to contact-lenses.

I can’t wait until 2080 when NFL quarterbacks are being screened for contact lenses that enable them to automatically identify open receivers. Sports players are all cheaters. Every last one of them.

The following Project Glass launch video shows what Chas-Borg could be doing in a few years.  Although I’d rather not become a super sweet cyborg if I’m forced to play ukelele on a roof at sunset AKA become a walking cliche.


Hail to the Googs, Baby


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