The Killing 2-3: Numb

[This week The Killing was back to the much more reasonable one hour length. As such, I’m trying my hand at a running diary of the show.]

Mitch is back. Well not back with her kids, but back in the show. Text on the bottom of the screen says Day Sixteen. That can’t possibly be referring to the amount of days since the killing, does it? Since Rosie’s been missing? I literally would have guessed three months.

There’s something I’ve noticed about this show. Everyone smokes. Mitch is smoking, Holder is smoking, Linden might as well smoke all the Nicorette she’s chewing.

Camel missed a big sponsorship opportunity...

To recap from last week, a bloody backpack was dropped off in front of Stan’s shop. Holder took it but didn’t submit it to evidence. At the time we thought he might be part of the conspiracy but apparently he just really wanted that detective job.

Linden shows up to talk to Stan and his garage and he yells at her, asking for Rosie’s bloddy backpack back. I’m going to assume he wasn’t quoting his favorite Stroke 9 song. This is all news to Linden as Holder and her aren’t talking.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Richmond wakes up and looks at his useless legs. It seems the reality of his inability to walk hasn’t set in yet. On the plus side, he still has the energy to hit on his nurse.

Lou, the (ex?) chief of police is drinking a beer on his boat when Linden confronts him about taking the backback from evidence. Lou then gives her a strange speech and gives her the bag that Holder turned in. Of course Linden doesn’t know it’s not real and Rosie’s bag is really in Holder’s trunk. Lou tells Sarah they “had a good run.” I guess this is The Killing’s way of developing a backstory. Not surprisingly, Linden discovers immediately that something is up with the bag.

Richmond and his assistant Jamie are watching TV at the hospital. Jamie uses this opportunity to ask Richmond if he’s ever seen Horders. He says that it’s a show about people living on mounds of garbage and using plastic bags instead of toilets. He describes the show as “hilarious.” I always described Horders as “depressing.” I guess, kinda like The Killing, it all depends on how you look at it.

Horders and The Killing: Hilarious or Depressing? Your call.

We have our first main plot twist. There was a fire at the call girl place, Beau Soleil. Oddly, the fire chief is surprisingly not helpful. Maybe he’s part of the conspiracy too!

Holder’s in a trailer park with some late 20 year old living with his mom and cursing at her a lot. The dealer smokes some crystal meth and makes fun of Holder. Holder debates taking a hit and instead beats the crap out of the guy. The dealer’s gigantic mother comes out of the back room with a bathrobe and oxygen tubes to break up the fight, but not after taking a hilarious fall after Holder shoves her. The dealer threatens to kill Holder for hitting his “moms.”

Gwen, Richmond’s other assistant and girlfriend, meets her dad in a Richmond war room. Gwen wants to move on from Richmond, and her dad is thrilled. Gwen wants to work on a senator’s campaign, and her dad tells her she’s going to leave for DC tonight. I guess she’s taking a page from Newt Gingrich’s relationship handbook. Zing!

Mitch is now in a hotel room with some businessman having a drink. He’s really smooth and he tells her she’s “a beautiful women.” After some back and forth, she tells him he should stay. The camera fades as they make out while a box of Rosie’s things lays on the other bed.

Linden’s son Jack’s first two lines are complaints. Nothing surprising here. He then notices Linden’s evidence which apparently is just sitting around. He knows what this tattoo is that Linden’s been investigating. Maybe he’s part of the conspiracy!

The cute nurse is back and Richmond’s turning his game on. She voted for him. They have a ton in common! Awkward… she just changed his catheter.

Meanwhile, Holder is getting some from a whore under a viaduct but apparently is having trouble performing. She wants less Holder and more drugs.

Stan meets with his mob boss who I will now refer to as Fat Tony. According to him, Rosie wasn’t working for Beau Soleil. Fat Tony also tells Stan how Rosie was alive when the car was dropped in the water and that means Stan should kill whoever the murderer is.

Hey, maybe I killed Rosie! Anything's possible.

As a side note, Stan seeking vigilante justice hasn’t exactly worked all that well these first 14 days. He beat that teacher within an inch of his life and thanks to his now dead buddy Belco, Richmond can’t walk or pick up chicks.

Linden and her crappy son are hanging out in their hotel room. Hilariously, she says she can’t open an attachment despite the gigantic DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENT button on her computer. Once she sorts that out, they get a lead on the Beau Soleil fire. Apparently a Larsen van was there, and the driver of the van has the same dumb tattoo on his arm. As she gets her biggest break in weeks hours she puts him on hold to take another call from a mystery person worried about Holder.

Holder’s walking back in forth in oncoming traffic and Linden asks him what the hell he’s doing. She knows he switched the backback. I’m waiting for her to ask him if he killed Lenz too.

Holder and Charles Nichols. Experts at switching samples

They show some creepy guy with slicked back hair deleting all the Beau Soleil files. Fat Tony smiles approvingly. Apparently Stan knows the guy with the creepy tattoo as they show him backing out of the garage. Maybe Stan is part of the conspiracy!

Holder opens the trunk and gives Rosie’s backback to Linden. The trunk shuts and the episode ends. Another cliffhanger!

So to recap:

The Killer: Not identified
The Latest “Lead”: A large conspiracy but keep your eye on Fat Tony

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