The Killing 2-4: Ogi Jun

So last week I decided I’d try to write more about The Killing each week. In hindsight that was a terrible idea. Going forward I’m going to give a quick episode recap, tell you where all our main characters are, and call it a day. If you need more information about the show you can watch it yourself. But you and I both know you won’t do that. You’re smarter than that.

The Killing continues to find ways to disappoint me as I thought this week was one of the worst episodes of the series. Essentially we spend the entire episode spinning our wheels, nothing was accomplished, and the show hit a lot of the same notes that it does each week. Remember how the last episode ended on a cliffhanger? Well this week we start by not finding out what was in Rosie’s backpack. In fact the show completely ignores the fact that they even made us think we might find out. Wait a minute, this sounds familiar. Instead we spend a bunch of time with Stan Larson who’s still really upset, Councilman Richmond who is incredibly depressed, and Linden who is now faced with a lawsuit from her ex-husband asking for joint custody of the lousy kid.

Linden and Holder are back to being friends and working on the case together and Linden uses her background as a foster child to break a number of leads this week. She bribes an inmate with a candy bar to get the name of the guy who has the creepy tattoo. His name is Alexi “Gifts” Gifford and has been in the foster system his whole life. She knows this type of kid and knowing he won’t run away he stations Holder outside his last known address. This works to perfection as Holder finds him (while peeing) but loses him after he can’t keep up with Gifts in a footrace. Holder uses her contacts to illegally look through Gifts’ file. It turns out that he’s the son of some guy that Stan Larson may or may not have killed a number of years ago. It’s slightly confusing but the main takeaway is that we now have a motive. As they ransack his house at the end of the episode they find a drawing he’s made of Rosie and her face is completely crossed out. It looks like we officially have a new lead suspect!

Here’s a quick rundown of where some of our main characters stand after the fourth episode:

The Killer: Not identified
The Latest “Lead”: Alexi “Gifts” Gifford or Fat Tony

Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: In a custody battle, breaking leads in cases, and still popping Nicorette like they’re tic-tacs.
Her Son Jack: Thankfully not in the episode, but his dad wants joint custody of him. I assume he doesn’t know what an ungrateful bastard he is.
Councilman Richmond: Understandably upset over not being able to walk. It looks like his campaign may be officially over.
Detective Holder: He and Linden have totally made up. He’s back to being 100% a good guy. If only he could run a little faster they could closed this latest lead BEFORE next week.
Stan Larson: Really all over the place. He now thinks Fat Tony killed Rosie. He’s giving out great parenting advice by telling his terrible children that they should get into fights at school.
Mitch Larson: Thankfully she did not appear in this episode. I’m sure she’s still banging that businessman in the shady hotel.
Larson kids: Ungrateful bastards.
Weather: Still raining.

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