Mad Men: Everybody (But Don) Must Get Stoned

Last night was Quentin Tarantino tribute night, an episode of inter-connected storytelling concerning our three principals – Peggy, Roger and Don — that made me want to watch Pulp Fiction again.

Batman — the one that made Adam West a star — premiered on ABC in January of 1966.

If only the show was a little further into the 60s. We could have had a scene of Don doing the Batusi.

Homage complete!

But really, maybe Roger would have been the one dancing, given that he dropped acid with the-soon-to-be-former-Mrs.-Roger-Sterling.

I’m not one for hallucinogens, but I liked seeing Roger’s trip, his initial skepticism that the drug worked washed away when he opened a liquor bottle and it played a musical note.

Peggy got stoned, too, sharing a joint and a pair of pants with a stranger in a movie theatre.

Don was the only one who didn’t get high, as one of the pre-eminant creative directors on Madison Avenue sits out the counter culture and creative revolution.

His disengagement is catching up to him, as old man Cooper, of all people, called him on the carpet for it, Don holding some lame piece of print creative — it looked like something from the 1940s — with the words, “Do over” scrawled across it in red ink.

“You have been on a love holiday,” Bert said, suggesting that Don doesn’t do much around the agency.

Which was the height of irony, given that I’ve never actually seen Cooper do anything, either. Except tell the truth.

Don and Megan drama erupted in, of all places, a Howard Johnson’s.

Maybe it was the color scheme. That orange and blue combo would drive anyone insane. I should know. I graduated from the University of Illinois.

He wants to control her and for her to like orange sherbert. She wants to be her own person and make her own decision, including not eating ice cream that ‘tastes like perfume.’

(Given his eye rolling about dinner at the Campbell’s and a ‘night in the suburbs,’ I was surprised he liked HoJo’s. More and more of Dick Whitman is peeking out behind the gray flannel.)

Extremely controversial

They made up after a thrilling chase through Don’s bachelor-esque city pad.

That is their relationship. Don, always chasing Megan. The dynamic has changed from his last marriage, with Betty trying to hold onto him.

When they made up, he knelt, ear at her stomach.

Please don’t tell me she is pregnant.

Everybody lost something last night.

Peggy lost her cool, trying to make those Heinz beans cool, and ripped into her client. So she’s off that business now.

Roger lost his mind, his wife and will probably now lose a lot of money.

Don lost his cool and his wife. He found her. But he may not get his cool back.

Of the group, Roger stayed level best.

He’s the guy you want in the foxhole.

Granted, he might be sleeping while the grenades are going off.

But still.

"I wouldn't be sleeping. Drunk...maybe"

One shot of Pete Campbell all episode. His bruises appear to have healed nicely.

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