The Killing 2-5: Ghosts of the Past

Welcome back to Stew Over’s most depressing running column. It’s Day 18 in The Killing, and just remember that for later in the recap. This week, the show eliminated our lead suspect in record time only taking approximately 30 minutes to turn Gifts from the lead suspect in Rosie’s killing to the lead source for new clues. We ended the episode without a clear suspect but with another “huge” revelation. According to Gifts, Stan Larsen isn’t Rosie’s real father.

Elsewhere, Richmond is trying to come to terms with his disability and it’s not going well. His inability to control his bodily functions rears its ugly head as his attempts at hitting on another women fail. It looks like he’s about to give up on life when Jamie tells him he was set up in the photo on the bridge. And the guy who did it? Adams, his opponent in the Mayoral race. Richmond closes his portion of the episode by promising to “destroy him.”

In much more disturbing news, Stan made out with his wife’s sister, Terry. I’m going to copy and paste what I wrote as I watched it live. “Stan goes home and his wife’s sister is in his bed and…. oh no…. yep, they start making out. Gross.” Keep in mind his wife left 3 DAYS AGO. The show has the illusion that time is moving forward and months have passed but remember, this is only Day 18 since Rosie’s murder.

Onto the quick recap!

The Killer: Not identified
The Latest “Lead”: Not identified- someone associated with Fat Tony?

Here are some quick updates on our main characters. For easy reference, this was the terrible parent episode:

Sarah Linden: So completely engrossed in the case that she refuses to go home to tend for her sick son. She runs into his father in their hotel room and he tells her that she cares more about the dead girl then her own son. If my son sucked as bad as hers did I probably wouldn’t care about him either.
Her Son Jack: Sick the whole episode which was great because that meant we didn’t have to hear him complain.
Councilman Richmond: As I covered in the recap, he’s back in the mayoral race, which I was actually happy to see. The writers made him so pathetic during the early part of the season.
Detective Holder: He remains my “favorite” character on the show. He’s no longer a bad guy and can just go back to acting as normally as Holder can act.
Stan Larson: Stan’s now making out with his kids’ aunt. I’m sure this is going to end well.
Mitch Larson: She spent the whole episode hanging out with some troubled kid that reminded her of Rosie. Again, remember, she has abandoned her two other kids.
Larson kids: Although, again, to be fair if my kids sucked as hard as hers did I might leave them too. Thankfully they didn’t appear in the episode.
Duck Phillips: I totally forgot to mention that Duck Phillips from Mad Men is in this show now. He’s Linden/Holder’s boss and he’s a total dick. I keep waiting for him to try to poop in Linden’s cruiser.
Weather: I thought we might make it through a whole episode without any rain but it returned at the end. With a vengeance. Think the Rain Scene in Road to Perdition rain.

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