The Killing 2-6: Openings

First thing’s first. Last week, we were left with a cliffhanger: Is Stan Larsen Rosie’s real dad? The answer? No, he isn’t her biological father, but he raised her from birth and for all intents and purposes, he’s her dad. However, Stan and Mitch never told Rosie that, and as we discover at the end of the episode, Mitch wrote a note to Rosie’s biological father (that she never sent) explaining the entire situation. Rosie happened upon the note, and it made her feel like her entire life was a lie.

This week, the show brought back some characters that I barely remember from the first season that are now integral to the plot. The most central is Jasper Ames, Rosie’s ex-boyfriend (see the featured image if you don’t remember this kid) and his father, Michael. Terry (Mitch’s sister who made out with Stan) is having an affair with Michael and he wants it to stop. One issue, however, is that I don’t remember Michael Ames at all. Here’s my original notes as I was watching it live: “Stan’s sister-in-law is having some weird conversation with some strange dude she apparently used to have a sexual relationship with.” Now, as the episode progresses you can put the pieces together retroactively, but this storytelling device left me watching this entire episode in a state of confusion.

ANYWAY, it seems that Rosie knew about this and was blackmailing him. It was also revealed that Michael Ames was a big supporter of Mayor Adams. As Holder points out, “Maybe the Mayor helped clean up his buddy’s mess. Two birds, one rock.”

While the actual episode was a complete mess and I had to continually consult Wikipedia to remember who both Michael and Jasper Ames were, I felt that by the end we had finally happened upon a real suspect and the show seems to have some momentum. I know it’s been at least a year of The Killing chasing its own tail, but if they actually stick with this story line they might keep my interest through the last half of the season. Of course, with history as our guide, we’ll clear Ames ten minutes into next week and be on to suspect 1,421 by the second commercial.

Onto the quick recap!

The Killer: Not identified
The Latest “Lead”: Michael Ames or one of his business associates.

Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: She learns that someone has been in their hotel room, and they decide to stay the night at Holder’s place. The episode ends with a mysterious man smoking a cigarette with a black glove on watching them.  Literally, every character in this show smokes.
Her Son Jack: Thankfully he was only in 2 minutes of the episode.
Councilman Richmond: He’s officially back in the race. His ex-girlfriend (Gwen), who left him to go to D.C., returns to help him on his campaign.
Detective Holder: If they’re right about Ames, he laments that they’ll be working in a toll booth the rest of their careers. Sounds like the perfect setting for The Killing: Season 3!
Stan Larsen: Turns out he did kill Gifts’ dad. When Gifts confronts him at the graveyard, he threatens Stan saying that he’s going to spend a lot of time watching him. I’d argue 19 episodes of watching Stan Larsen is more than enough.
Mitch Larsen: She spends the whole episode hanging out with Tina, the bad kid she found at the hotel that reminds her of Rosie. She does her laundry and lays down next to her. When Mitch wakes up, Tina has taken all of her money. I really felt bad for Mitch this episode until I remembered that she left her other kids back at home with Stan and her creepy sister.
Larson kids: They did not appear! Yeah!
Duck Phillips: Has not yet pooped in Linden’s cruiser, I’m sorry to report. He continues to do his best to shit all over their case, however.
Weather: Mainly a boring drizzle but we did get some good downpours once or twice this episode.

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