Parks and Recreation: End of the Trail

Another pretty standard day on the Knope for city council campaign. After last weeks hit and miss debate episode this week sticks to the formula of Leslie doing something bumbling that looks like it will hurt her but then it all works out in the end.

This week’s campaign foul up: inappropriate reaction to the death of Bobby Newport’s father, and town patriarch, Nick Newport. Then falling into a trap and driving their campaign bus to his memorial service.

“Is that your official statement, ‘I sad.’?” a reporter asks.

Solution: Apologizes to Bobby and tries to buck him up. Then at his press conference Bobby calls her onto the stage and tells everyone what a super lady she is saying, “If you don’t vote for me tomorrow vote for her. Paul Rudd is great here playing both Bobby’s low key sorrow at the loss of his father and his enthusiasm for Leslie.

This week’s Andy wackiness: Trying to find out who threw a pie at Leslie (even though it just hit Jerry).

Solution: It was sewage Joe trying and eventually succeeding in hitting Ben with the pie in revenge for his firing.

This week’s descent of Chris Trager story line: Chris insists on staying busy every single minute of the day to prevent descending into a pit of darkness.

Solution: Has sex with Bobby Newport’s campaign manager.

This week in Tom and Anne: Blessedly nothing.

Next week brings us the election and the end of the Knope campaign. The results will shape the future of the show and Pawnee’s city government. Will Leslie win, leading Ron to get promoted, or will she lose resetting everyone back to where they were? Given the ambition behind a season long story line, I think she’ll win and the show will shake things up. They filmed two endings, one where Leslie wins and one where she loses so no one would know how it will end. All I know is that Jean Ralphio is only in one of them, so that’s outcome I’m rooting for.

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