The Killing 2-7: Keylela

This week The Killing barely made a passing reference to our lead suspect from last week, Rosie’s ex-boyfriend’s father/Rosie’s aunt’s boyfriend, Michael Ames. Instead we spend most of the episode at the Indian casino where Linden and Holder attempt to try to find a link between Ames’ construction company and the Wapi Indians. In the meantime, Councilman Richmond’s back in the race and they try to get Stan Larsen to make a statement, but that doesn’t end up working as planned. Stan goes off script and goes into crazy mode as he’s wont to do. Back at the casino, the chief catches up to Linden and warns her that if she comes back that anything can happen to her. Holder is making more progress but as he finally gets a lead from one of the workers at the casino, he is accosted by some thugs who take him into the woods and beat him up. The trailer for next week makes it look like they might have actually killed him, which would be terrible because he’s literally the last character I care about even a little on the show.

Onto the quick recap!

The Killer: Not identified

The Latest “Lead”: Ames has not been cleared but with the Indians from the casino looking like they have something to hide, they “must” be involved.


Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: Her parenting really gets called into question this week by her partner, the federal government, and her son.

Her Son Jack: Clearly loves Holder more than Linden. Him and everyone else. He was particularly annoying this episode as he whined. A lot.

Councilman Richmond: He didn’t have any embarrassing moments while trying to hit on ladies, so I’d say this week was a win for him.

Detective Holder: He gets the crap kicked out of him by the Indians, but not before having run ins with both a male and female prostitute. A big loss for Holder this week.

Stan Larsen: He hijacks Richmond’s press conference and instead of helping out the Councilman he just chastises the media and says the killer has to pay. Isn’t he suppose to be under arrest?

Mitch Larsen: We are sparred from her this episode. That’s a win for the audience.

Larson kids: Barely make an appearance. We’re doing great this show.

Duck Phillips: Unfortunately, no Duck this time around.

Weather: It was pouring at the beginning of episode but rounded into a steady drizzle by the end.

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