The Killing 2-8: Off the Reservation

Actual suspense? Touching parent-son moments? Am I watching a real drama? I actually enjoyed this episode more than any other of The Killing since Season One. A major reason for this is that there are only four episodes left which allows for many more possibilities with the plot. While I didn’t actually think Holder was dead, there was a possibility and that’s all that you need to have suspense. So, for those of you who are simply reading my recaps as a way to avoid watching the show, I’ll get you caught up quickly.

Linden convinces Duck Phillips to call in a search party for Holder despite Duck’s apprehension. Just as the Indian lawyers are showing up to put a stop to everything, the police happen upon Holder and as they go to commercial we don’t know if he’s alive or dead. Before we find out, they cut to the Councilmen who’s letting everyone know he’s leaving the hospital with only five days left before the election. He still refuses to explain his whereabouts on the night of the murder and the mayor continues to imply that this is because he really killed Rosie.

Holder, is badly beaten but alive. While he recovers, Linden goes to meet the contact Holder met literally seconds before getting caught at the end of last week. She learns from a girl that used to work with Rosie that she was not a prostitute, that the chemical they found on her fingers was from her working at the casino, and that this girl and Rosie used to take smoke breaks on the 10th floor and the casino took everyone’s keys the day after Rosie was murdered. When Linden goes back to the office to retrieve the key, Duck tells her she’s fired and that he doesn’t like her which seemed superfluous.

After turning in her badge and gun, Linden goes back to her son and decides to send him to Chicago to live with his dad. Despite the fact that she is a complete lunatic for staying in Seattle and trying to solve this case without actually being a cop, the final goodbye between Linden and her son was touching. Maybe I’m just overreacting because it was Mother’s Day this weekend. As she watches the plane from the window, Holder (fresh off a touching moment with his own son) shows up to put his arm around Linden.

The episode ends with Holder and Linden driving back towards the city. She tells him that he needs to get that key from evidence and if they do they’ll figure out what happened to Rosie. Again, we’ve got four episodes for them to wrap everything up.

Onto the quick recap!

The Killer: Not identified

The Latest “Lead”: After beating Holder to within an inch of his life, it must be the Indian tribe.


Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: With Holder laid up, Linden dominated this episode. Believe me when I tell you this is way better then a Mitch episode.

Her Son Jack: He was annoying as always but he wasn’t in much of the episode plus he was just shipped off to Chicago. Yeah!

Councilman Richmond: The bits with Richmond were the weak link this week.

Detective Holder: Apparently borrowed Carl’s Jr.’s immune system to get to the airport less than 24 hours before being beaten almost to death.

Stan Larsen: Actually the stuff with Stan was probably worse than Richmond. He is now “following leads” on Rosie’s killer. All of which went no where of course.

Mitch Larsen: Did not appear!!!

Larson kids: 5 seconds. 2 lines. 2 complaints.

Duck Phillips: We covered him above. He’s a real dick in this show.

Weather: You know, I didn’t even notice the rain this episode. Weird.

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