The Killing 2-9: Sayonara, Hiawatha

[Editor’s note: I got the name of last week’s episode wrong, it was actually called Off the Reservation. This week is Sayonara, Hiawatha. Goman.]

After a couple of decent episodes, we were due up for crappy normal episode of The Killing and unfortunately that’s what we got this week. That means lots of Mitch, lots of Stan’s crappy kids, lots of characters having super serial conversations, and the rain! It’s back with a vengeance.

The episode starts with Mitch finally finding what she has been looking for, Rosie’s biological dad. It turns out Rosie had come to visit him and even told him that she was going to leave for California to track Monarch butterflies. Unbelievably, he doesn’t know Rosie’s dead! According to the letter, he lives in Blaine, which is literally less than two hours from Seattle. Considering Rosie is an attractive white girl, she was brutally murdered, and the mayoral candidate was the lead suspect in the murder, what do you figure the odds are this guy hasn’t heard of this? Do you think there’s a single person in Rockford that doesn’t know who Rod Blagojevich is? Imagine if he was the lead suspect in a murder case?

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Mitch and Stan’s terrible kid stomped on a couple of baby birds. Stan yells at him, slaps him in the face and tells him what the audience has wanted to this entire season, that he hates him. This of course leads to a super serial conversation about how everyone leaves and how they miss their mom and Rosie. Boring.

Linden and Holder break into a storage unit to look for the key to 10th floor of the casino. Holder tells Linden he’s there for her and he can talk to her about super serial stuff. Of course they find the key and they return to the casino to finally get access to the last known place Rosie was alive. Holder causes a distraction by acting like a crazy drunk which gives Linden enough time to make it up the elevator. It’s at this point that she breaks out the jump to conclusion mat and The Killing basically just tells the audience what happened. Linden draws the following conclusions while up there.

  • Rosie only came back to the casino one final time because there is a spectacular view of the city and she is saying goodbye to it.
  • While she was standing out here she saw Ames, who was with someone.
  • She overheard a meeting that contained sensitive enough information that Ames and his accomplice killed her for it.
  • There would have been a big struggle with a lot of blood.
  • A conveniently located bloody keycard is just out of her reach but that’s enough for Linden to determine that the mayor was with Ames.

I can’t begin to explain how angry this entire scene made me. Basically this show had two seasons to set up this moment and instead of actually working to create a meaningful reveal they basically just screwed around a bunch and then handed it all out in two minutes.

Linden gets hit in the head as the episode ends but the preview for next week shows she’s okay so their cliffhanger didn’t even work. Terrible. Absolutely terrible.


The Killer: Not identified

The Latest “Lead”: Some combination of Ames, Mayor Adams and the Indian Casino.


Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: She’s a total mess this episode. We find out she spent a month in a psyche ward, she sleeps in her car, and gets smashed in the head.

Her Son Jack: He was on the other end of one phone conversation and apparently his deadbeat dad gave him an iPod so he’s happy.

Councilman Richmond: He refuses to play hardball with The Chief and knows that means he’ll probably lose the election. Somehow I doubt that will happen.

Detective Holder: I’m not sure why the Indian tribe just let him strut into the casino, make a huge scene and then leave again. This episode had a lot of plot holes.

Stan Larsen: He was in full blown angry Stan mode this week.

Mitch Larsen: When Mitch was a kid she did the most stereotypical thing the show writers could think of. She got in a mosh pit during a Soundgarden concert.

Larson kids: Besides stomping on birds and calling his brother an ass wipe, I’d say this kid is a joy to watch.

Duck Phillips: He didn’t show up much but when he did he was being a real dick. Classic Duck.

Weather: Raining. Not surprising.


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