Mad Men: Christmas Waltz

There were no posts about the last two week’s of Mad Men was because I was trying to be like Don Draper.

If he can sit out pop culture, I figured I could, too.

I didn’t care for it.

It has been said — mostly by Charlie, who reviews Game of Thrones on Redbull — that Mad Men is a show about terrible people.

Whether you agree with this or not, it raises the question: who is the most terrible one of all?

My money has always been on Pete Campbell.

Who knew it was Harry? Seriously. Show of hands.

*sees no hands* *continues rant*

In a single episode, Harry:

  • Tries to dodge meeting up with prickly writer Paul, who we last saw sporting a beard. Paul has since shaved both head and face and become a Hare Krishna.
  • Sticks around a Kirishna meeting to sit next to Paul’s girlfriend, who I thought was Julliete Lewis.
  • Takes Paul’s spec script for an episode of Star Trek called The Negron Complex.
  • Attends another chanting session to sit near Paul’s girlfriend again.
  • Cheats on his wife with her.
  • Insults her post-coitus. In his office.
  • Lies to Paul putting the Star Trek script in front of the network.
  • Sends Paul out to Hollywood to make his way as a writer, not because Paul has any talent, but because Paul’s girlfriend knew what an ass Harry is.

They call me Harry Krishna. Also, I have herpes.

There was no episode of Star Trek called The Negron Complex.

Mostly because Paul’s script was terrible, a ham-fisted statement about the plight of African Americans in America with a ‘twist’. Also, Paul is not a real person.

By 'talent', I mean I want to screw up your life.

Turns out, though, there was a Star Trek Negron complex.

A father-son pair of illustrators with the last name of Negron. who both worked on assorted Trek projects, including Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Oedipal Complex: when you want to kill your father and marry your mother.

Negron Complex: when you want to wear Spock ears, just like dad did.

Flashes of the old Don Draper, when he pretended to be a couple with Joan.

(As the pair of office hotties, it’s surprising they hadn’t spent more time together before now.)

Man and woman go into a Jaguar dealership. Man wants to test drive with woman. Salesman says no. Man writes check and says, “If we don’t come back, we bought it.”

I want to be that man.

This led to post-work drinks and a heavy bit of flirting.

"We really are attractive."

Which then led to Don getting screamed at by Megan when he got home.

Just like Betty used to.

That little bit of discord leads to a speech by Don, about how the whole agency will do nothing but pitch in on the Jaguar pitch. (While giving said speech, Don takes off his suit coat and rolls up his shirt sleeves. Not exactly subtle, that.)

Lesson for all you creative types: use misery to fuel your work.

Another creative lesson: stealing is just 'homage'.

The show needs to figure out what to do with Lane.

First he tries to kiss Joan. That goes nowhere. Then he flirts with a woman over a lost wallet. That does nowhere. Now he borrowed money to cook the books to give out bonuses to cover some debt he can’t repay. The night after he snuck into the office to cut himself a check, the partners decide not to take bonuses.

Since the spot of ‘true gentleman’ has been taken by Ken Cosgrove, I guess they have to turn Lane into a terrible person, too.

Joan dressing down the receptionist for letting in the guy who served her divorce papers was priceless.

Best line: “There’s an airplane here for you!” *picks up model airplane* *throws it at receptionist*

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