The Killing 2-10: 72 Hours

If my recap today is not very good I apologize. I’m just having trouble adjusting to a world where Peggy Olsen and Don Draper don’t work together…

But that’s the wrong AMC show. On this week’s episode of The Killing, the show focused on less characters and as we’ve seen this season when they do that, the episodes tend to be better. I wouldn’t call this a good episode, but in terms of The Killing standards? It was decent.

Apparently last week they felt they didn’t lay out what happened on the 10th floor of the casino clearly enough so they gave us a scene between Holder and Duck that pretty much lays it all out again. I’ll share the transcript below:

Holder: The night Rosie Larsen was killed there was a break-in at The Waterfront. All our players are involved. Janek Kovarsky’s thug breaks into the Mayor’s construction site. Project Manager Michael Ames choose not to press charges.

Duck: So what?

Holder: Here’s the best part. I spoke to Janek’s boy. Says he was given an order that night to break in and bury some Indian bones. So Janek’s boy, he was suppose to be protected. He could get in, bury the bones, get out. Inside job. ‘Cept our boys down at the 9th precinct, they weren’t in on it, they arrested him. I’m guessing our players get scared the boy’s gonna talk. They head out to the casino to meet with Nicole Jackson (the Chief). Rosie Larsen overhears the conversation, gets herself killed. Lou (Duck), this goes all the way to the top. This goes all the way to city hall.

Duck: Why would the mayor sabotage his own project? It’s the cornerstone of his campaign?

Holder: Why would Ames sabotage the biggest construction project he’s had in years, unless they both knew another payday would come? And it’d be bigger. You’re on the wrong side lieutenant. They’re using you.

So there you have it. Now you know what happened to Rosie. I suppose we don’t technically know who killed her, but I guess that’s what the next three episodes are for.


The Killer: Not identified

The Latest “Lead”: Some combination of Ames, Mayor Adams and the Indian Casino. (See above).


Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: We get a lot of backstory with Linden this episode. The Indian casino apparently turned her over the authorities and said she was trying to kill herself. Due to this, Linden is put on suicide watch for 72 hours which will last past the end of the campaign. Holder gets her out by calling her old psychiatrist who signs her out near the end of the episode. The psychiatrist? Her ex-fiance! This creepy guy.

Her Son Jack: Did not appear!

Councilman Richmond: Things still don’t look great for the Councilman. My favorite part of this episode is that his assistant apparently paid a bunch of money to make a video of him go “viral.” The amount of hits? 1,232. Get back to me when you get close to a million.

Detective Holder: He told the audience what happened to Rosie and got Linden out of prison. Oh, and he had a chase scene with “Janek’s boy.”  I thought he could barely move two days ago…

Stan Larsen: He spend this episode apologizing to Bennett Ahmed. Remember him? He’s the teacher Larsen beat within an inch of his life last season. Can someone tell me why Stan Larsen isn’t in jail right now?

Mitch Larsen: Did not appear!

Larson kids: Barely any speaking lines! Stan bought them a dog which they didn’t deserve.

Duck Phillips: See above.

Weather: Right before the scene with Duck and Holder it was absolutely pouring rain. I know this is Seattle but honestly.


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