The Killing 2-11: Bulldog

If you thought I was distracted by Mad Men last week….

Suicide dominated AMC’s Sunday night lineup and while Richmond survived his attempt, the fact that he tried at all might just kill his political career.

At the 11th Hour, the Mayor threatens to out Richmond for where he was the night of Rosie’s murder (jumping off a bridge) and instead of quitting the race or letting the Mayor out him, Richmond takes it upon himself to tell the world what happened. It would seem the only way for him to win the race now is if Linden and Holder can somehow implicate the Mayor in the Larsen murder…

Which they are about to do right at the tail end of the episode. With bloody keycard in hand, we see Linden try the card on the Mayor’s office but it doesn’t work. In the latest twist the card opens the office to the Richmond headquarters. In a season series full of twists we get what appears to be one final major one. The last few episodes seemed to be pointing in a pretty clear direction, and now everything is once again up for grabs. AMC promises that the two part finale will answer the $1,000,000 question. Come back next week and I’ll let you know.


The Killer: Not identified

The Latest “Lead”: The Indian casino still looks like they have some blame in this, but could it be one of Richmond’s assistants? There was some tease that Gwen might be involved.


Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: Some redemption for Sarah this week as she gets to stick it to the Indian Casino. By not turning over the keycard we get the scene in the elevator where she shows the security camera that she has the evidence she needs.

Her Son Jack: He was whining on the phone during the 10 second conversation Linden had with him.

Councilman Richmond: Some more great comedy with the YouTube video this week. It was up to 10,000 hits which the Mayor called a “disaster.” Let me share a video with you that I just looked up with more than double that amount of views. The show writers obviously have no clue how YouTube works.

Detective Holder: Redemption for Holder too this week. After getting his bad ass Reservoir Dogs walk up to the casino, he got to slap the security chief in the FACE with the warrant.

Stan Larsen: He gets a visit from Fat Tony requesting that he kill the informant from last week. Stan can’t bring himself to do it, despite the fact that Fat Tony said he’d kill his kids if he didn’t. This shouldn’t be a problem, however, since Gifts decided to kill Fat Tony for ordering Stan to kill his father.

Mitch Larsen: Wasn’t in 99% of the episode, but she returns home right at the end.

Larson kids: Barely any speaking lines!

Duck Phillips: Did not poop anywhere inappropriate this week.

Weather: A set of beautiful days in Seattle! Just kidding, it rained the whole time.


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