The Killing 2-12: Donnie or Marie

So apparently The Killing is giving us a 2-part finale, so no, we still don’t know who killed Rosie. Next week. Next week AMC tells us we’ll know.

The entire episode focused on Linden and Holder’s search to find out who exactly was on the 10th floor of the casino the night Rosie Larsen was murdered. They are finally able to convince the head of security at the casino to turn over the tape and some of the final shots of the episode involve the slow reveal of our cast of characters. 1st is Rosie. Second is The Chief. Third is Michael Ames, the head of the construction site, and last is Jamie Wright, Richmond’s assistant. The brutal nature of the killing itself doesn’t exactly jive with Jamie’s character so it’ll be interesting to see how they play this next week.

The other half of the episode revolved around Mitch coming home. This entire storyline bores me and as the tension builds towards what really happened the night of the murder, spending any time with the Larsens tends to stop any momentum they build up. Mitch is sad. Stan is angry. Mitch doesn’t want to move. Stan does. The show hasn’t done a good enough job at making me care about these characters to allow me to care how they feel. Most of the episodes where Mitch didn’t appear were better this season and to spend have of the penultimate episode on this relationship really hurt the flow.

Regardless, I imagine I’m like most of the audience and I just want to know who killed Rosie at this point as at every commercial break they announced to us very loudly that we’ll figure it out next week. We’ll probably also figure out if Richmond won the election, although maybe Season Three will be all about a recount…. if it is, don’t expect to read blog posts on StewOver about it.


The Killer: Not identified

The Latest “Lead”: Well, the three people who were on the 10th floor with Rosie were The Chief, Ames, and Jamie. But Gwen hasn’t been ruled out either. Frankly, no one has been ruled out.


Here are some quick updates on our main characters:

Sarah Linden: She’s back to smoking full time. Also, she’s conducting a lot of police business while on suspension.

Her Son Jack: Did not appear!

Councilman Richmond: Somehow still in the race as it was too close to call by the end of the episode.

Detective Holder: He’s still calling people “bro” which I guess is interesting.

Stan Larsen: Having Gifts kill Fat Tony is really getting Stan out of some jams.

Mitch Larsen: She’s back. Great.

Larson kids: One kid was happy Mitch was back, the other one agreed with the audience and was extremely upset.

Duck Phillips: Did not appear.

Weather: Heavy Rain.


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