Concert Review: Radiohead

This Sunday Radiohead played at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park. I’ve considered doing an I Celebrate Their Entire Collection piece on Radiohead, however, unlike some of the other bands I’ve blogged about, I don’t love every album they’ve ever written. I still consider them one of my favorites, and In Rainbows is one of my top five or ten albums, however, there is certainly some of their stuff that I just think is okay. I bring this up because one of those albums happens to be their latest, The King of Limbs, that they were touring for.

After having set up those expectations, I still have to say the show was awesome. The two main reasons for this is that their body of work is good enough that I was still able to hear some of my favorite songs. Secondly, the incredible light and electronic show they put on kept me entertained the entire time. This was my second Radiohead concert and while I was certainly impressed by the stage show at the first concert of theirs I saw (supporting In Rainbows), this one blew it out of the water. The interactive backdrop that served to play a plug-in style graphic during the performance was cool but the real star was the twelve live-feed monitors that moved around after each song. These all provided unique looks at the band, from close ups of the performers to the instruments. The color scheme would change for each song and hopefully the photos I’ve included in this post show off how incredible it looked.

The Stage Was Really Cool

As I mentioned I wasn’t a huge fan of The King of Limbs. I didn’t dislike it, it’s just one of my least favorite Radiohead albums. As you can see from the setlist, they played every song on that album during their roughly two hour performance. Personally I can’t stand encores and the entire process of having to “cheer” the band back out, but thankfully Radiohead’s two breaks were only 2-3 minutes in length so they didn’t keep us waiting for too long. I did notice, and it’s possible this was just my section, but the songs off of The King of Limbs received some of the least enthusiastic cheers. I know the album is on the more mellow side, but still I felt like people were just less excited to hear those songs. To be fair, I suppose I might be projecting also. The loudest the crowd got was during “Karma Police,” which is probably their second most famous song behind “Creep.” I heard a few groans in my section (not unlike when Metallica plays “Enter Sandman”), but in both cases, the crowd was loudest during the song. Also, while we got “Street Spirit” I’d have loved to hear a little more from The Bends.

The lighting and displays changed for each song

Personally my three favorites were “There There,” “Reckoner,” and “Everything in its Right Place.” Let me know if you were at the show and what you thought of it!


  • “Bloom” The King of Limbs
  • “There There” Hail to the Thief
  • “15 Step” In Rainbows
  • “Kid A” Kid A
  • “Staircase” The King of Limbs Live Recording
  • “Morning Mr Magpie” The King of Limbs
  • “The Gloaming” Hail to the Thief
  • “Codex” The King of Limbs
  • “Amazing Sounds of Orgy” New Song
  • “Karma Police” OK Computer
  • “Reckoner” In Rainbows
  • “Lotus Flower” The King of Limbs
  • “Myxomatosis” Hail to the Thief
  • “Feral” The King of Limbs
  • “Little By Little” The King of Limbs
  • “Idioteque” Kid A

Encore One:

  • “Separator” The King of Limbs
  • “Full Stop” New Song
  • “Bodysnatchers” In Rainbows
  • “Everything in it’s Right Place” Kid A (including a short intro cover of “The One I Love” by R.E.M.)

Encore Two:

  • “Give Up the Ghost” The King of Limbs
  • “Identikit” New Song
  • “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi” In Rainbows
  • “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” The Bends
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