The Killing 2-13: What I Know

The Killer: Terry (Rosie’s Aunt), with a big assist from Jamie Wright.

Let’s get down to business. As promised they let us know EXACTLY what happened on the night of Rosie’s murder. The Chief, Ames, and Jamie have the meeting on the 10th floor of the casino. The grand plan? The Chief buries some Indian bones on Ames’ construction site. After their discovery, the Mayor’s campaign will be totally screwed. Then, Jamie promises that once Councilman Richmond wins the election, he’ll allow the Indians to build a Casino on the waterfront. Rosie overhears this meeting and after both the Chief and Ames leave, her phone goes off. Hearing this, Jamie doubles back and confronts her. They struggle and he hits her and she smashes her head on a board on the ground. He thought she was dead and throws her in the car.

From here, Jamie takes her to the woods and she unexpectedly wakes up and tries to run for it. Jamie hunts her down, smashes her with a flashlight and throws her in the trunk of the car. Panicked, he calls Ames to help him. Ames was on the way to Las Vegas with Terry and was set to leave his wife for her. As Jamie and Ames argue over what to do, Terry overhears him say that he’s not going to leave his wife and that the deal is off. Not wanting to lose her dream life, Terry puts the car in drive and lets it roll into the lake. She didn’t know that Rosie was in the trunk.

So there we have it. Jamie, completely out of character was the primary murderer. I actually liked the final twist of Terry being the secondary, unknown killer. It fit in with her personality and helped to explain her motives for helping out more than an average person might have while Mitch was gone.

I may come back and write some final impressions on the show as a whole. After all, after having sat through 26 episodes I feel like I have some more to say about it. For now, however, I’ll give you some final updates on our main characters and that will have to do.

Final recap of our main characters:


Sarah Linden: The show ends with a shot of Linden walking away from the camera and Holder’s next case. Does this mean that next season she won’t be with the show next season? As she’s the main character this seems unlikely.

Her Son Jack: Thankfully we didn’t hear from him. This is one of the many storylines I didn’t feel like I needed closure from.

Councilman Richmond: He won the election, but Jamie’s speech to him obviously took hold. He’s having a meeting with The Chief and Ames and helped get them out of the charges against them. It appears he will not be governing with the same moral high ground he used to win the election.

Detective Holder: He kills Jamie when he won’t drop his gun after the detectives confront him. It’s revealed that the gun was empty so it looks like Jamie was trying to get killed by the police. Holder is by far the best character The Killing has to offer and the final scene seems to indicate that he will continue on with the show.

Stan Larsen: They never fully addressed why he’s not in jail for beating the teacher within an inch of his life in the first season. This was the first of many useless leads the show lead us on, and it seems completely pointless as it doesn’t even come back to haunt Stan in the finale.

Mitch Larsen: She was far less annoying this episode then she was previously. The Larsens do get full closure on what happened to Rosie.

Larson kids: While they act pretty normal the whole time, there is some points of brattiness. At the end of the day, they’re child actors and any lines they speak are pretty useless. They seem excited to be moving into a new home.

Duck Phillips: Duck shows up to tell Holder and Linden that the case was over when it wasn’t really over. For those keeping track, this happened approximately 952 times during the show.

Weather: This was first episode with no rain. Go figure.

I’ll leave you the same way the show left us:

 The wait is over. Breaking Bad. The new season premiers July 15th.

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