College Football Officially Sucks a Little Less

College Football, what’s not to love? The inferior product, the dirty recruiting, the cheating, “student athletes,” the perennial powers, Notre Dame. Not to mention that the lack of a playoff makes the way college football chooses its champion seem arbitrary and horrible. A team can finish with a perfect record and because they weren’t ranked at the beginning of the sesason, they won’t have a chance to play for a championship. Not long ago they didn’t even play a championship game. They just choose a champ at the end of the year!

Unlike basketball which requires one or two superstars to turn around a program, football is a sport that requires many more players to become decent. Once you’re decent, it’s still next to impossible to break into the upper echelon of teams that truly have a chance to compete year in and year out (without cheating that is). Now this is the part where you readers who know me point out that I’m just bitter because I root for Indiana. That’s a totally fair point. Indiana is, and probably always will be, terrible at football (with a few exceptions- thank you Randle El).

The only decent thing about IU football in the last 12 years.

Anyway, it finally happened. College football is going to shift to a four game playoff. Why it took them this long is beyond me. College basketball has been playing a wildly successful tournament for decades so it’s not like they had to look far for inspiration. Regardless, it’s here and at least one of my biggest arguments against the sport has been addressed.

So what do you think? Are you happy college football is moving towards a playoff? Or do you not care because college football is terrible? Let me know in the comments.

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