Concert Review: Electric Six and Andy D

8 albums, 3 songs, no Amaretto Sours

A couple of months ago, on May 12, I ventured into Hipster Country to see Electric Six at the Double Door. I’ll admit that I don’t exactly Celebrate Their Entire Collection, but my buddy who was in town introduced me to the group and I do enjoy their most popular album, Fire. The billing for the show promised that Electric Six would play that entire album along with some other hits, so I was pretty excited about going.

Andy D is as bad as he looks.

The opening act, Andy D, was pretty terrible. In fact, he might be the worst performer I’ve ever seen. I feel bad saying that because admittedly he’s supposed to be a joke. Anyone who performs looking like this and singing songs as badly as he does is trying to make you laugh. So it’s entirely possible that I just didn’t “get” Andy D. Below is his official music video for “Angels on the Dancefloor” from YouTube. You be the judge.

Electric Six, on the other hand, was awesome. As a group, their songs have great energy and generally are funny. Besides songs from Fire, they played the other songs I know, including Down at McDonnelzzz and Formula 409. In addition, I won my bet with my buddy as they opened with It’s Showtime!, one of my favorites. Dick Valentine, their lead singer, was to the point between songs, often announcing what song they were on or how many they had left to play. I loved that gag, as so many bands pretend that they’ll play all night if the crowd will just cheer loud enough. His best line was the one I titled the post with: “8 albums, 3 songs, no Amaretto Sours.” Valentine had asked for an Amaretto Sour from the bar at the beginning of the set, but by the 4th song he still didn’t have his drink. Not above some self-deprecating humor regarding their lack of hits, he introduced the next song by saying, “This is the 5th song. Electric Six has had 8 albums. 3 songs. No Amaretto Sours.”

Despite all the PBR, the lack of hygiene among the concertgoers, and an overwhelming presence of beards, I had a great time at the show. I just wish we had gotten there an hour later so I could have missed the opening act.

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