The Best Music of Breaking Bad

[Welcome to Breaking Bad Week on StewOver! All this week, to get ready for the premiere of the fifth and final season (Sunday, July 15th, on AMC), we’ll be bringing you articles relating to the show. Today, music from Breaking Bad.]

Not only is Breaking Bad the best show on television, but it also features some of the best music. The creators of the show have a knack for picking the perfect song for the moment. From the pilot to the final episode of season 4, the music has been spot on every time. Below are four of my favorite songs from the series so far. Beware of spoilers.

Rodrigo y Gabriela- “Tamacun”

You’ve read in this space before about how much I enjoy Rodrigo y Gabriela. Their Southwest sound works perfectly  in a memorable scene from the pilot. As Walt goes along for a raid on a meth lab, he sees Jesse escape from the scene and take off in the car of the drug dealer. This gives Walt the idea of asking Jesse to help him cook meth. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find this scene on YouTube, probably due to nudity.

TV on the Radio – “DLZ”

This scene from season 2 is the moment Walt fully embraces his drug dealer lifestyle. Bryan Cranston’s spot-on delivery of the line “Stay out of my territory” is set perfectly to TV on the Radio’s “DLZ.”

Ana Tijoux – “1977”

Ana Tijoux is another favorite of mine, and her music is used effectively in a scene in season 4. Using the fast-motion, fast-cutting action camera style often used in Breaking Bad, and accompanied by Tijoux’s “1977,” Jesse and Mike are shown starting to develop a working relationship.

Apparat – “Goodbye (with Soap&Skin)”

Possibly the greatest scene of the series thus far is the final showdown between Gus and Walt in season 4. Viewers experience an appropriately drawn-out final moment with Gus thanks to Apparat. I love how Breaking Bad takes its time setting up scenes and lets the cinematography do most of the heavy lifting. As the climax for the season, the slow build of “Goodbye” fits perfectly.

I can’t wait to see what Breaking Bad has in store for us in this, the final season. The premiere episode of the fifth season begins airing at 9PM on AMC this Sunday. Keep checking back with Stew Over for coverage throughout the season, and be sure to share some of your favorite songs in the comments below.

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