StewCast Special-4: Brad Pitt’s IMDB Tear Down (with rumchata!)

In this highly anticipated follow-up to the hugely successful Johnny Depp’s IMDB Tear Down┬ápodcast we’re pleased to present the next episode of IMDB Tear Down

Today Roger, Chas, Ed and Burner travel down pretty boy lane and spend some time tearing down Brad Pitt’s career.

  • Cool World disappoints the real world
  • Ed creepily watches movies at volume 3 while his parents sleep
  • Roger ours some hate on Tom Skerritt
  • 14 year-old Dave seduces women with Interview with the Vampire
  • Lingering homeroticism
  • Roger is horrified just by the thought of watching Se7en.
  • Chas questions the logistics of Benjamin Button
  • Burner is deeply disappointed by Robert Redford
  • Ed drinks Rumchata


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