Breaking Bad Roundtable: Getting Ready for Season 5 [Spoilers!!!]

Before we get started, I want to introduce our panel. Kevin, Burner, Chas, and myself, Dave are all huge fans of Breaking Bad and are completely caught up with the series and excited for Season Five to start. We hope you are too and invite you to add your thoughts in the comments!

First things first. Gus is 100% dead, correct?

Dave: I didn’t think this was an issue but I’ve heard multiple people ask me this. Let’s just quickly get everyone to clarify; Gus is 100% dead.

Burner: Yup. This isn’t The Dark Knight, he’s not walking away from that shit.

Chas: Seriously? Who asked you if he was dead? Are they also curious as to if Gale is dead? How about the guy who was melted in the bathtub? MAYBE HE WILL ALSO COME BACK!

Kevin: Yeah, no question about it. He is dead as a doornail. NEXT.

The panel agrees. There’s no coming back from this.

The tagline for this season is All Hail the King. It looks like Walt will complete his transition to complete badass. Are you rooting for him at this point?

Dave: About halfway through last season I started rooting for Jesse more than Walt. Walt’s gone completely over the deep end but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited to see him start to really kick ass. Will he strong arm both Mike and Saul? That should be fun to see.

Burner: Like you I root for Walt to kick ass because it’s exciting, but I can’t root for Walt as a person anymore. He’s basically a sociopath at this point.

Chas: Here’s the thing with Walt, he’s a dumbass. Yes he’s an amazing chemist and he makes a handful of intelligent strategic moves, but 99% of the time he acts like a total bonehead. I don’t buy him successfully being the king of a drug cartel. Despite occasional brushes with badassery (“stay out of my territory”, “I respect the strategy”, etc.) he’s primarily a delusional nerd who thinks he’s tougher than he actually is. And that’s not even including the absolute morons he surrounds himself with (Skyhawk, Jr. Bacon Cheese, etc.) If this stays consistent I expect Walt to run his drug operation right into the ground and end up dead. That’s what he deserves and that’s what I’m rooting for.

Kevin: I disagree with Chas that it’s not believable for him to be the king of a drug cartel. Would he be the smartest drug lord in the history of drug trafficking? No. But he’s taken out every obstacle on his way to the top of the Meth Kingdom , including Gus, who everyone would agree was pretty f’n smart. Yes, some of that was luck, but Walt’s always been able to see the forest through the trees when it really matters most. Walt’s major problem is pride and his obsessive belief that the world owes him something because he is Walter White. That’ll end up being his downfall. When he should sit back and watch, he’ll take offense and ultimately get himself caught or killed (see last season when he helped Hank put the pieces together about what was going on, all because he wasn’t getting the credit he thought he deserved). At the end of the day none of these characters are worth rooting for. Yes, Jessie is supposed to be the most sympathetic character, but let’s not forget he shot a dude in the face and he’s a druggie who wears unprofessional clothing.

Using Chas’ Characters He’d Like to See Die List, who’s on yours?

Dave: The characters are what makes Breaking Bad so awesome, so there aren’t many. Basically it’s just Skyler (Walt’s wife). She’s terrible.

Chas: I want Walt to die. I also want Ted to die again.

Kevin: Only two for me: Skyler for sure. Most annoying part of the show. Here’s to hoping Walt goes after her for losing all of their money. Also, Marie “Purple Clepto” Schrader. She’s the least interesting character in the show and I’m not really sure what purpose she serves other than for Hank to be annoyed with her.

Skyler is the WORST

Let’s move over to some of the characters we want to see this season. When do you think Jesse will find out Walt poisoned his girlfriend’s kid? How will their working/professional relationship play out?

Dave: Jesse’s become my favorite character on the show and I think there’s a ton for the writers to play with here. I honestly have no clue how this will play out and I don’t think we’ll get any sort of resolution until the second half of the season.

Burner: Yeah they’ll make us wait for sure. Expect a tease similar to when Walt almost spilled about letting the last girlfriend choke on her own vomit.

Chas: I don’t think Jesse is going to find out about Walt poisoning Brock Lesnar. In my opinion that plot point was to show how Walt has sunk to the evilest point of his life but I hope they don’t bring it back. I’d like Mike to come back and shoot Walt right through his glasses. Unfortunately it’s more likely Mike would work for Walt in the same capacitiy he did for Gus. That said, Mike should know Walt is an unstable, emotional liability. Mike would be better off working at a Dairy Queen than for Walter.

Kevin: Definitely more Mike this season. I agree with Chas that he’ll likely just keep working for Walt in the same capacity as personal assistant extraordinaire. I also don’t think Jessie will ever find out what Walt did. Walt is the only person that knows the truth of what happened. He created a pretty credible (though elaborate) story about Gus that Jessie bought, so there’d really be no reason for him to question Walt on it.

Do you think that Hank will catch Walt?

Dave: I think he has to for the story arch of the show. The question will be, what happens when he does?

Burner: My prediction is that Hank will find out that Walt is Heisenberg, but it will be too late for him to do anything about it. He’ll be too much of a chauvinist to realize Skyler was in on it.

Chas: I agree with Burner. Hank will figure it out and then Hank will die. Showing a good man battle his way back from paraplegia to finally walk again and then murdering him seems like a bold angle Breaking Bad would pursue.

Kevin: I think Hank finds out, confronts Walter and Walter continues to break bad (that’s right) and kills Hank in some creative way that makes it look like an accident. My guess? Hank dies from being “accidentally” crushed by all of his crystal rocks (I’m sorry, “Minerals!”)

We don’t see things ending well for Hank

How will Walt die? Cancer? Shot? He won’t?

Dave: The cancer thing is so secondary at this point I almost completely forget he has it. It was so central to the early part of the story that I feel like they’ll have to bring it back in some capacity this year. I just hope they don’t end the series with a cut to black.

Burner: I think it will all end with Jesse killing Walt. That would be the most just ending after all the misery Walt has brought down on him. This show has a way of subverting expectations though so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it end with Walt rotting in jail.

Chas: I hope Walt lives and his whole family dies. Walt having to live with the horrific ramifications of his actions would be amazingly ironic. The people he started slinging meth for ultimately would be destroyed by it. Also, I’d pay good money for footage of Skyler being killed…preferably in a ridiculous fashion e.g. drowned in her own car wash.

Kevin: Yeah I’m with Chas. I think to go full circle he’s going to get his family killed, which defeats the purpose of him starting this whole thing to begin with. The show ends with him putting on his amazing Heisenberg hat and strolling off into the sunset.

What does the pink bear stand for?

Dave: Honestly, I have no clue. The imagery with pink and one eye is all over, however. Maybe we can get an English major to help us out here?

Burner: I just thought it was a running gag, but I’m terrible at symbolism.

Chas: No idea. Is that thing still hanging around? I stopped paying attention when it was floating in the pool in season 2.

Kevin: I had a whole answer written out that was basically “it means nothing.” Then I read this and my mind was changed. Probably more of an Easter egg type thing after we find out the bear came from a plane, but still shows how creative the writers are.

Symbolism. The word you’re looking for is symmmm-bolism.

Where does Breaking Bad fit in with the Greatest TV shows Currently on the Air? All Time?

Dave: For me it’s easily the best show on TV right now and has the ability to end as one of, if not the best, dramas of all time.

Burner: I’d agree that it’s the best drama on TV right now. As for all time I’ll have to reserve judgement, it’ll depend on the last season to some extent, but I can’t see it over taking The Wire for greatest drama of all time, or Seinfeld for greatest TV show of all time.

Chas: We’ll see where it nets out at the end of the season. As for greatest TV show of All Time that’s ridiculous. Breaking Bad is no Three’s Company.

Kevin: I can comfortably say that it’s one of the best dramas ever, but best of all time I’m not sure. Depends on what happens this season. Lost was pretty amazing until they fucked up the ending so…I’ll reserve judgment until the whole show is over.

Dave: Lost sucks.


Are you as excited as we are about the final season of Breaking Bad? Let us know in the comments and be sure to watch the first episode and catch our roundtable during the season. Get in on the conversation!

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