Board Games With Scott

[In my recent introductory post on board games, I let you know that you’d see a series of posts from me on my favorite board games. Before we launch into that, however, I wanted to take the time to recommend a great resource if you’re having trouble learning a new complicated game.]

If you’ve ever played a new fairly complicated board game, you know that it’s usually best to learn from someone who has played before rather than suffer through the instruction booklet. As a gift for standing up in fellow Stew Over editor Jim’s wedding, I received the game Puerto Rico (amazing gift). As I didn’t know anyone who knew how to play, I tried my hand at reading the manual. This process ultimately became frustrating and useless. Puerto Rico is a complicated game, especially for a first-time player. There are hundreds of pieces, and the game isn’t played like a standard board game. I thought that I’d have to wait until someone else could read through the instructions with me, until I remembered something amazing. The Internet and YouTube. A quick search delivered exactly what I was looking for: a detailed look at how to play the game.

This is how I discovered Board Games with Scott. Scott’s site has reviews and video tutorials on a large variety of board games. Apparently the companies making the games even send them to him–for free! Thanks to Scott, I was up and running and was able to teach my friends that very night how to play. While I wasn’t an expert, I had enough working knowledge that we could supplement that with the instruction book, and after one round we all at least knew the basics.

Puerto Rico is a great game if you enjoy being involved in everyone’s moves at all times. The game forces you to think about not just what you will do but what the players around you are thinking. There are many different strategies for winning, and at the end of the game you really feel like you are responsible for your fate. I’ll be reviewing Puerto Rico in a later post, but know that if you’re looking to play any of the games we talk about here, Board Games with Scott is the perfect place to start.

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