YouTube Classics #1: Drunk Guy in Liquor Store

Today’s video is one of the extremely rare breed of internet clips that is over 2 minutes long and funny the entire way through. If anything, it gets more hilarious as it goes on until finally culminating in a tremendous Kanye West collapse.

And if you’re wondering, there’s a strong chance this guys is not drunk but more likely fell into a K-Hole.

“K-hole” is a slang term for the subjective state of dissociation from the body commonly experienced after sufficiently high doses of the dissociative anesthetic ketamine(75-125 mg IM).

That’s right, Stew Over just taught you a little sumpin’ about drugs!

There are so many solid remixes but here are my personal favorites:

The one that started it all:

Tom Waits Drunk remix:

Requiem for a Dream Tragedy remix:

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