Why You Should Become Amazon Primed

Before we get too far, I’d like to say that Amazon is paying me nothing to write this post. I’m just here to share with you one fo the best things I’ve ever done- become an Amazon Prime subscriber. Like many I was resistant at first. Honestly, I should say I was completely dismissive of the idea. Why on earth would someone pay $80 a year just to get free shipping? Well, one Christmas Chas convinced me to become a Prime Subscriber and now I’m here to spread the word. So now, in typical Dave fashion, I give you the Top 15 reasons to become an Amazon Prime Subscriber.

1. Free 2 day shipping.

To be honest, the shipping is sometimes faster than this. I’ve ordered things in the morning on a Monday and had them in my hands by lunch of Tuesday.

2. Shhhhh! No taxes!

The debate over whether Amazon should have to charge sales taxes is one that has been ongoing and ugly. While Amazon has started charging in some states, the court has ruled in Amazon’s favor in Illinois and at least for the foreseeable future will not be charging tax on purchases. Now, of course, you’re suppose to self report your spending and while I do that every single time, there are others who might take advantage of this poorly regulated rule.

3. Prices are almost always cheaper on Amazon, and you can often get the used stuff to qualify for Amazon Prime.

Through comparison shopping, both Lisa and I have found that prices on Amazon are almost always cheaper. Plus, you can always throw items on your wishlist and wait for them to go on sale. Amazon also has a used section where you can easily pick up items much cheaper as well. From time to time these will qualify for Prime as well and arrive in two days with free shipping too.

4. Your spouse, signifacant other, special lady friend, or random stranger can also use it.

Amazon allows you to use your Prime ability with family members. I share it with Lisa, but I know others who share it with their lady friends or roommates.

5. Free Movies!

Like Netflix, Amazon has a selection of free to watch movies if you are a Prime member. Unfortunately, like Amazon the list of free movies is pretty terrible. I have been able to find some good ones, such as Leaves of Grass, which is a very entertaining Ed Norton movie. The other benefit over Netflix is that you can often rent movies that aren’t available for streaming at a decent price. Since Netflix’ streaming only service is $96 a year, I’d say that’s a terrible deal compared to Prime.

6. Free Books!

Another benefit of Amazon Prime is that if you have a Kindle you can download one book a month for free. The selection is pretty decent and includes incredibly popular books such as the Hunger Games. If you’re a big reader, you can make back your Prime subscription right here.

7. Never go to Target or Wal-Mart again!

If you’re anything like me, you hate shopping. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I almost never go shopping. What I still find interesting is that many people don’t realize that Amazon sells more than just books and other types of media. Literally anything you can buy at Target you can find at Amazon. Are you running out of toothpaste? Prime. Need a garbage can? Prime. Golf tees? Prime.

8. Large selection.

The selection of products on Amazon is quite extensive. They pretty much have anything your heart desires.

9. Ease of use/Great iPhone/Adroid App

I’ll share a quick story with you. Recently I was having a phone conversation with my mother about a number of people we had to buy gifts for. While I was talking to her, I was able to bring up my Amazon app on my phone, bring up each of these people’s wishlists, and buy the gifts for them as we discussed what to get them. We didn’t have to call them and ask what they wanted, we didn’t need to go to three different stores to makes sure they weren’t sold out, we just bought them all in five minutes. We know they were things that they wanted since they were listed as “high priority” on their wishlist and I didn’t have to go through the stress of shopping. It’s a win-win.

10. Brick and Mortar stores are dying.

Let’s be honest, brick and mortar stores are dying. As much as I loved Best Buy when I was a kid (every trip there was like going to Disney World for me), their time is coming to an end. Don’t feel too bad, once upon a time these big box stores ran all the mom and pop stores out of business by doing the exact things Amazon is doing now. Bigger selection, easier to shop, and cheaper prices.

11. Amazon wish lists are great!

Part of being Amazon Primed is that I use Amazon much more and therefore take advantage of their great interface. I love when my friends and family have wishlists as it helps me buy them the things they want and it’s also great for me. When people want to buy me gifts they know where to look. I can prioritize what I want and I can let them know if I’m okay with a used copy. Also, it helps me remember what I want to buy. Often, throwing it on the wishlist prevents me from buying it right away. I can put it on there and wait for the price to be right.

12. Gold box and deals of the day can be sweet.

Every day Amazon has Gold Box deals and Deals of the day. While these can often be great deals, they’re especially good during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s here that I often find a bunch of gifts and tend to get better deals than are offered at Wal-Mart and Target and I don’t have to wait outside in the freezing cold.

13. If you’re a student you get it for free.

You should not have been admitted to school if you didn’t get Primed and are a student.

14. Returning things is easy.

Another argument I hear against becoming a Prime member is that returning things is difficult. To be honest I haven’t had to return much, but just recently I returned my first item and it couldn’t have been easier. I bought a game for my nephew and unfortunately he already had it (his parents were lax with his Amazon Wishlist!) When I found this out, I went to my orders and there was a big “return items” button. After printing out a pre-paid shipping label, I just put that on the same box the game came in and sent it back to Amazon. They deducted the cost for shipping but other than that I got my full refund back.

15. Shopping over the holidays is much easier.

I first became a Prime Subscriber during a pretty common time, Christmas shopping season. I figure the money I saved between getting deals and not having to pay shipping I probably made back my $80 immediately.

So there you have it, 15 reasons to become a member of Amazon Prime. Probably the biggest reason I do it is to help my stress levels. I hate shopping and Amazon makes it so easy to just buy things straight from my computer or phone. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, let me know in the comments. If you’re not, let me know why!

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