YouTube Classics #2: Pinky the Cat

Today’s YouTube Classic went “viral” before the internet even existed! You’re probably thinking, “My god, what does that even mean?”  Well, according to Wikipedia…

The video footage was taped by Placer County Animal Control sometime in the early 1990s. The recording was intended as a promotional video for the county’s “pet of the week” pet adoption program. Sometime before 1992, then police chief Willie Weatherford distributed copies of the tape—which he named “Pinky the Cat”—to the media and his friends.

So basically a dickhead police chief made it go viral the old fashioned way, mailing VHS tapes to his friends. After that its stint on magnet tape, the video ran the 1990s Funniest Home Videos circuit before finally achieving mass fame on YouTube.


The best way to summarize the video: you will not be adopting Pinky the Cat.  Enjoy.

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