Top Ten iPhone Apps

I wouldn’t call myself a huge expert on this topic, but I do own an iPhone and I use it for a wide variety of things. These are the ten (non gaming/non mobile website) apps I use the most. Let me know in the comments if you have some you couldn’t live without that I didn’t include.

1. Spotify

I’m sure you’ve heard me mention it before, but Spotify is amazing. With the recent inclusion of their radio service on the mobile app, this is basically the only thing I use these days to listen to music. The app is set up very nicely and is incredibly user friendly. You can easily click on a song you hear and add it to your playlists. Choosing your own music with unlimited streaming without commercials and a radio service is more than worth the $9.99 (the cost of a sandwich) I spend on it a month.

2. Google

Outside of Spotify, which essentially runs all day long, Google is the application I use the most. Mainly this allows me to check my personal e-mail, Stew Over mail (, and my calendar. I can access my docs, although editing them is a pain. If I cared about Google + I could use it from here as well. On a related note, Google is awesome. If you use any e-mail service besides gmail, you should switch. The drive feature has completely replaced my need for Microsoft Word or Excel, and the chat feature is great too.

3. Lose It!

This is by far the best application I’ve found to help you lose weight. Besides building exercise into your regular schedule, tracking your food is THE most important part of any weight loss/maintenance strategy. Lose It! makes this very easy. You can create recipes for your favorite foods, so it is easy to record them, and a ton of brand name foods are included as well. Don’t get too caught up in getting the calories exactly right. Just the fact that you have to write down what you eat will keep you from overeating and thus will help you lose weight.

4. Facebook

I certainly have mixed feeling about Facebook, but I can’t deny that I at least glance at it daily. While I wouldn’t say that I love how much it can take over people’s lives, it does remain a great way to keep in touch with friends who don’t live in the Chicagoland area.

5. Amazon

My love for Amazon is no secret. I’m an unabashed fan of Amazon Prime and suggest that everybody become a member immediately. I often find myself opening the application to buy household items we have run out of and adding things to my wish list. The app is incredibly well put together, and one-click buying is easy as pie.

6. ESPN Scorecenter

ESPN’s app is great when you want to check the score of a game quickly. You can customize it to list your favorite teams, and finding a box score is simple. This is my go-to sports app.

7. PayPal

I’m pretty sure I haven’t written a check in four years (except for a wedding), and I have PayPal to thank for this. It’s incredibly easy to go into the application and send money to friends or buy something from a website. I refuse to pay people back in cash. Get PayPal; it’s easy and free.

8. PNC Mobile

It took PNC a while to catch up to Chase, but their app is pretty easy to use. I can check my balance and digitally cash the occasional check I receive.

9. Yelp

Whenever I’m visiting a town (or part of Chicago) I’m not familiar with, the Yelp app is simple and easy enough for me to open up and find a restaurant nearby.

10. Netflix

This would be higher on my list if Netflix’s streaming selection wasn’t so terrible. The app works fine if you can find something you want to watch.

So there it is, the ten iPhone apps I use the most. Again, let me know in the comments if there are other apps that you use and couldn’t live without.


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