National Zucchini Day! Aug07


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National Zucchini Day!

I decided to look up funny holidays in August and was sent into gales of uncontrollable laughter when I got to this description of National Zucchini Day.

“August 8 is National Zucchini Day or “Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbors’ Porch Day.” Due to overzealous planting of zucchini, citizens are asked to drop off baskets of the squash on neighbors’ doorsteps.”

All I could picture is Chas sneaking a zucchini onto someone’s porch…similar to the overacted sneaking in kid’s movies.  An exaggerated tip-toe from tree to tree…it still makes me laugh to picture it.

Apparently, a couple named Tom and Ruth Roy of Pennsylvania came up this holiday plus 90 other “irregular” holidays.  It looks like I have plenty to write about for awhile.

But back to National Zucchini Day, which is August 8.  Oh, and this is not to be confused with National Zucchini Bread Day, which is April 24. Zucchini’s are treated in the culinary world as a vegetable, but they are technically an immature fruit.  Either way, they are delicious in stir-fry.

Zucchini’s are cooked in a wide variety of ways depending on what part of the world you are in.  In France, they are the key ingredient in ratatouille, which is a stew of summer fruits and vegetables.  In Mexico, the flower is preferred and it often cooked into quesadillas and soups.  Personally, I like it cooked in a vegetable stir-fry or in zucchini bread.

No matter how you like zucchini, make sure you celebrate National Zucchini Day on August 8.  Happy Holidays!




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