Summer in Chicago – Baseball!

In Chicago, you have the luxury of cheering for one of two baseball teams.  One winning team (2005 World Series Champion White Sox) and one not winning team (1908 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs).

Let’s start on the North Side at Wrigley Field.  Wrigley Field has been the home of the Chicago Cubs since 1916.  It is the second oldest baseball stadium in the United States.  It is beaten only by Fenway, which was built in 1912.  With a history degree, I can appreciate the historic feel of Wrigley, even if I don’t like the team that plays there.  But I do agree that going to a game at Wrigley Field is a must do Chicago activity.  It is a classic and iconic part of history.  The ivy at Wrigley is famous, and the bleachers are the place to be.  Just remember, if the other team hits a home run, you are expected to throw the ball back onto the field.  If you don’t, you will be heckled.

Fun Fact:  The Cubs did not play their first evening game until 1988 (only 58 years after the first night game was played).



Now to the South Side of Chicago and the Chicago White Sox.  US Cellular Field is a much newer stadium; it was built in 1991 to replace Comiskey Park.  Comiskey Park was the home of the Chicago White Sox from 1910 to 1990.  US Cellular Field is often referred to as The Cell, Sox Park, and still as Comiskey.  Please take note that Chicagoans do not accept change very easily.  Willis Tower is still the Sears Tower; Macy’s is still Marshall Fields; and US Cellular is still Comiskey.



Fun Fact:  The Chicago White Sox won the 2005  World Series.  Well, it’s a fun fact for Sox fans.

I have been to more games at Sox Park than Wrigley, and I love the experience.  Good food, fun atmosphere, and the simple pleasure of watching a baseball game with fans that actually know their team.  However, one issue with the new Sox Park is that it faces away from downtown Chicago.  I’m not sure why they built it that way;  it just doesn’t make sense.

Let me know about your latest baseball outing, whether it is to cheer on a Chicago team (Go White Sox!), my Grandpa’s St. Louis Cardinals, my friend Ira’s New York Mets, or any other baseball team.  But if you have a chance to go to a Chicago baseball game, go for it and let me know about it!

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