5 Songs I’ve Been Listening to on Spotify

In my recent post on iPhone apps, I talked about how Spotify is the favorite and most used application on my phone. The purpose of this new segment will be to share with you readers five songs I have recently been listening to on Spotify. My hope is that I can share some music with you that you might enjoy and in return you can let me know about some music I might also like. These are the 5 songs I’ve been listening to the most the last week or so.


“Moon” by Little People

I discovered this in much the same way I discover most of my new music these days, through the Spotify radio app. This was on the Explosions in the Sky station, which shouldn’t surprise regular readers is one of my favorites. This song is has a real cool electric vibe running through it that appealed to me immediately.


“Bonfire” by Knife Party

I discover this song on Spotify. Rather,¬†astute¬†readers will recognize that this was the dubstep song from the fourth episode of this season’s Breaking Bad. The song features great energy and I can’t help but think of Walter White’s crazy smile every time I listen to it.


“Rise” by Hans Zimmer (from The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack)

The Dark Knight Rises is an awesome movie and the soundtrack overall is fantastic. In the old days before Spotify I’m sure I would have bought this entire album off of iTunes. Thankfully that’s no longer necessary. “Rise” is my favorite song off the album and even though it’s over seven minutes long I don’t feel like any of it is filler. If you liked the movie I highly suggest you check this track out.


“Slow it Down” by The Lumineers

If you’ve heard of The Lumineers it’s probably because of their song “Ho Hey” that appeared in an ad for the search engine no one cares about, Bing. That’s where I discovered them and while “Ho Hey” is also good, I really like the quite literally slower sound of this track. Their entire self titled album is worth a listen, however. Check it out!


“Untrust Us” by Crystal Castles

So I guess Crystal Castles aren’t exactly a new band. In hipster world, they’re widely loved and hated. I’d never heard of them until the above song came on my Spotify radio station recently. I really like their electric sound and I’ve been listening to quite a bit of their stuff. The above song might be my current favorite and is the most popular of their stuff on Spotify.

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