StewCast 3.4: Inappropriate Edition

On this week’s StewCast Kevin, Dave and Burner discuss what’s going on in sports and entertainment.

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This week we try and shake off a bad tone:

  • Dave gives a tutorial on understanding Kevin’s “ugh”s.
  • Kevin comes out against clay.


  • We learn that Kevin sees himself as Will Smith
will smith

This is Will Smith, Kevin is a ginger.

  • In an extended metaphor NBC is your grandma and The Office is a sick dog.
  • We all tip toe away from an “n-word” joke.
  • Burner is baffled by Bop-It

  • We ask Jacksonville Jaguar’s head coach Mike Mularky to explain Twightlight to us.

All that and the return of the too late spoiler.

Stew Over it!


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