NFL Round Table, 2012: Week 1

Let’s get to the games:

Atlanta 40, Kansas City 24

Burner: This was supposed to be the game where the Chiefs asserted themselves as a team to be reckoned with this year.  Instead they were the Chiefs, same as always.  Turn overs and the Chiefs inability to cover Julio Jones gave the game to the Dirty Birds who once again claim their spot as regular season contenders.  Expect the usual 6-10 season for the Chiefs and a 1st round play off loss for the Falcons

Kevin: Two teams I couldn’t care less about. SKIP!

Dave: The big question here is whether Atlanta is really good or if Kansas City is just terrible. I tend to agree with Burner here- the Chiefs will most likely be pretty bad and Atlanta will still need to prove it in the playoffs. Julio Jones looks pretty darn good though.

San Francisco 30, Green Bay 22

Burner: San Fran comes out atop this battle of NFC contenders.  Alex Smith miraculously didn’t regress and the Niners manged to steal one in Green Bay.  Gotta give a lot of credit to the 49ers defense too, there were times out there where I thought Aaron Rodgers looked a little lost.  Even in a loss Randal Cobb continues to be impressive in his second year.

Kevin: This game made me happy for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Green Bay’s defense still sucks. Alex Smith wasn’t terrible, but he’s no Jay Cutler and he doesn’t have a Brandon Marshall type to throw to. Even still they put up 30 pts. Hopefully this Thursday can turn into a shoot out that the Bears have a chance of winning. Also, grats to David Akers for making that record tying 63 yard field goal.

Dave: Obviously, like Kevin, I have trouble watching this game without thinking of the ramifications of next week. I really hope that this means the Bears have a chance and can start Green Bay out 0-2. What I really think this means, however, is that the 49ers are really, REALLY good. Which means when I go see the Bears play them in San Francisco I’ll probably be disappointed.

Bears 41, Colts 21

Kevin: The Bears started off in impressive fashion with a sack on the first play of the season and Jay Cutler throwing a pick 6 at his own 4 yard line approximately 5 minutes later. At that point Dave and I were swearing off football until next September. HOWEVA, the offense came back strong on the next drive and never looked back. Luck threw 4 picks in a rough start for the rookie. The takeaway from this game? Get used to “Cutler passes to Marshall” calls.

Dave: A perfect week one in the NFL. The Bears romp and the Packers lose. I’m not ready to overreact to the win yet as the Colts may be epically terrible this year. When Dwight Freeney went out the Colts folded which was probably bound to happen. Overall though, nothing to complain about on the Bears front, just looking forward to Thursday here in the Windy City.
Burner: A pair of dirty baseball fans the both of ya!

Jets 48, Bills 28

Kevin: Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!!!!!!! Oh wait, he didn’t do anything. Damn. Still, WINNER! Bills fans get double nut punched with the loss of Jackson and Nelson. Mario Williams, hope you’re happy taking the max deal for a crap team when you could have made bank AND been on a winning team like the Bears.

Dave: This was probably one of the more surprising finals of the day. Before the season all the hype seemed to indicate these were two teams headed in opposite directions. I thought the Jets would be awful and the Bills could surprise. Here’s to hoping this was an anomaly because no one wants the Jets to be a good team this year.

Burner: I watched some of this game, the Bills looked like the Chiefs, that is all the analysis you need.

Pittsburgh 19, Denver 31

Burner: The Steelers come to the Mile High city for the return on Payton Manning.  His passes didn’t seem to have the same zip on them as before all the surgeries, but he looked steady and canny all night amassing 253 yards, 2 TDs, and no picks.   All that and his neck didn’t turn to dust.  They were back and forth all night with Denver slipping out to a six point lead.  As the two minute warning approached the Steelers were driving when Rothlisberger tossed a pick six to new Bronco Joey Porter.

Kevin: This was probably the best game I saw over the weekend. Two great QB’s going at it, marching down the field and making plays when they needed too. Rooting for someone in this game was pretty rough though. Manning or Rothlisberger? I’ll take the ebola virus please.

Dave: Is this the year Pittsburgh finally misses the playoffs? The Ravens look like they could run away with their division. I was personally rooting for Peyton. I hated him as a Colt but he’s perfectly harmless out in Denver. Plus, he’s not a huge douche like Big Ben.

Burner: A guy who’s a little lot too intense about the game that’s made him over $100 million and a rapist, yeah those guys are equally terrible.

Dallas 24, New York Giants 17

Burner: I didn’t watch this because I can’t stand either of these teams, but my impression is that after this game the Cowboys are now Super Bowl Favorites and the Giants have always sucked.

Kevin: I watched this and as you say the Cowboys will be the media darlings and new Superbowl favorite until this Sunday when they lose to the Seahawks. Romo didn’t throw up all over himself and cost his team the game down the stretch, so that’s amazing. It’ll make the late season meltdown that much sweeter. As for the Giants, if anyone talks about how they’re not good or that this loss proves anything, I’ll punch them in the face. They have the best pass rush in the game (key to a winner when passing is the most important part of the NFL game) and they have the Better Manning who is clutch when it matters most. They will be fine.

Dave: Everyone seems to agree this game means nothing. Honestly, if the Giants have proven anything these last few years it’s that Week 1 in the NFL means absolutely nothing. For all the talk that every week is important in the NFL, it’s actually closer to baseball. Stay in contention for the first 3/4ths of the year, then get hot in the playoffs.

Replacement Ref Watch

Burner: I didn’t see too much wackiness today.  They accidentally gave Seattle a fourth timeout but it ended up not mattering.  Mike Tomlin also managed to get a challenge flag that he threw too late recognized, but the challenge went against him so it worked out in the Bronco’s favor anyway. It turns out the only significant game error was most likely the fault of a time keeper who essentially gave a free timeout to Detroit in a game they won in the last 10 seconds.

Kevin: I didn’t even notice the refs in the games I watched. If this goes on for another 2-3 weeks, why on earth would the NFL ever bring the other officials back? These guys are making like 3-5k a game.

Dave: I agree, I didn’t notice the refs either. I feel like people complained about the refs last year just as much.

The Monday Night Games

Burner: In short, Baltimore looks good, Cincinnati looked bad, San Diego and Oakland both looked like shit, Oakland lost, and Chris Berman was every bit as bad you thought he would be as the play by play guy.

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