The Return of TV, Fall 2012 Network Previews: FOX

Welcome to the the Return of TV, 2012 Fall Network Previews.  This time we look at the new and returning shows on FOX, the network for mid-level comedies and the X Factor.


The Mob Doctor (Mon at 8:00)

What It’s About: From Wikipedia, “The series follows a brilliant Chicago surgeon who must deal with protecting her career and reputation due to a family debt to the mob, even if it puts everyone, including her loved ones and friends, in jeopardy.”

What It Could Be: Chicago saves the show from being a total disaster.

What It Will Be: While I liked Jordana Spiro in the comedy My Boys (also set in Chicago), I’m not sure she’s ready to carry a crime drama. My guess is that this is terrible.

Ben & Kate (Tuesday at 7:30)

What It’s About: The long preview from Wikipedia: “The series focuses on the lives of a brother and sister who are exact opposites: Ben is an over-the-top dreamer, while younger sister Kate is a single mother trying to make ends meet as a bar manager. After Ben realizes that his sister needs help with both her life and taking care of her daughter Maddie, he decides to move in so Kate can start rediscovering what she missed out, while at the same time Kate hopes to return the favor by seeing how she can bring her brother back to reality.”

What It Could Be: A fun quirky comedy that builds from the lead in of Raising Hope.

What It Will Be: Probably just that.

The Mindy Project (Tues at 8:30)

What It’s About: Wikipedia says, “The series follows a single physician (played by Kaling) with a unique persona as she tries to navigate her way through her personal and professional life. The character was inspired by Kaling’s mother, who was an OB/GYN”

What It Could Be: Mindy Kaling builds off her character from The Office and makes a fun comedy and makes Fox’s Tuesday night a successful female-heavy comedy block.

What It Will Be: Unfortunately I don’t have high hopes. She was funny in The Office but not hilarious. When will Creed Bratton get a shot? (That was a joke). We’ll have fellow Stew Over editor Jim watch this show for his our amusement.


NFL: The OT (Sun at 6:00)

Where It’s at: I’m not even sure we should count this. It’s just football recaps.

Should you watch? No. Terry Bradshaw is terrible.

Will I watch? I usually wake up from my late afternoon nap, notice The OT is on and quickly change the channel.

The Simpsons (Sun at 7:00)

Where It’s at: This will be Season 24! of the Simpsons. They past the 500 episode mark last year.

Should you watch? The Simpsons defined my childhood. But like most, I stopped watching sometime around the 12th-15th season. Rumor has it that it’s no longer terrible.

Will I Watch? I may check back in with it a couple of times this year and let you know if those rumors are true.

Bob’s Burgers (Sun at 7:30)

Where It’s at: This is the third season of the animated cartoon.

Should you watch? I have no clue, I’ve never seen an episode.

Will I Watch? Nope.

Family Guy (Sun at 8:00)

Where It’s at: Family Guy starts it’s 11th Season this year. After developing a cult following to bring it back from the dead after it’s first couple of seasons, Family Guy has sucked for years.

Should you watch? I can pinpoint the exact moment I stopped watching Family Guy. Honestly, I should have quit long before but this was the straw that broke my back.

Will I Watch? Not a chance in Hell.

American Dad (Sun at 8:30)

Where It’s at: I honestly have no clue how this is still on the air.

Should you watch? No! Run away! Run away as fast as you can!!!

Will I Watch? HAHAHA. no.

Bones (Mon at 7:00)

Where It’s at: The crime drama enters it’s 8th season.

Should you watch? If you like crime dramas, feel free.

Will I Watch? No, although this is one of Lisa’s favorite shows so I may catch an episode here and there.

Raising Hope (Tues at 7:00)

Where It’s at: Highly acclaimed, Raising Hope starts it’s third season.

Should you watch? Yes, I’ve heard nothing but good things.

Will I watch? I’m officially adding this one to the rotation this year.

New Girl (Tues at 8:00)

Where It’s at: New Girl enters it’s second season after a successful rookie campaign.

Should you watch? Do you find Zooey Deschanel really cute and attractive? Yeah, so does everyone else.

Will I Watch? No. I gave this one a good shot since I find Zooey Deschanel really cute and attractive. Unfortunately the show isn’t that good.

The X Factor (Wed 7-9, Thurs 7-8)

Where It’s at: Brittany Spears is the new judge on Fox’s singing competition designed to compete with American Idol. If you didn’t remember, this is the one that Simon Cowell is on now.

Should you watch? No. Brittany Spears and Simon Cowell are terrible. Fox is betting hard on it, giving it 3 hours of Primetime a week.

Will I Watch? No, but America disagrees with me.

Glee (Thurs at 8)

Where It’s at: Glee enters it’s fourth season.

Should you watch? Maybe. This show is not for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible.

Will I Watch? Nope.

Touch (Fri at 7)

Where It’s at: I debated putting this one in the New section as they only aired two episodes last season. This is the first real full season of the supernatural thriller.

Should you watch? Do you miss 24? Can you not get enough Keifer in your life? Then watch the show. It’s on Friday which means that the odds of it lasting a long time are slim.

Will I watch? Honestly I never gave this one a chance. “Supernatural thriller” is generally not my type of programming.

Fringe (Fri at 8)

Where It’s at: This is the fifth and final season of the science fiction show.

Should you watch? Do you like J.J. Abrams and/or science fiction? I don’t.

Will I watch? No.

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