Race Review: Burgers and Beer 5K

[A number of the Stew Over editors agreed to make a pact to run the Soldier Field 10 mile race May 25, 2013. In preparation for this race, I’ve started running some shorter races. Today, I talk about my experience at the Burgers and Beer 5K].

Back on August 20th, I decided to run a 3.12 miles along the lake up around Montrose Harbor. For doing this, I was rewarded with a delicious hamburger and a can of Goose Island 312 beer. I found this to be a fair trade. Most people hear the term Burgers and Beer and 5K and think it is completely ridiculous. After all, you run to stay healthy and you eat burgers and drink beer when you are unhealthy. The ironic combination of these two activities is one of the main reason I signed up for the race, however.

I’ve run three of the more popular races in Chicago, the Hot Chocolate 5K, the Chase Corporate Challenge (3.5 miles) and the Shamrock Shuffle 8K. My main criticism of each of these races is how crowded they are. You’ll often encounter people walking and even kids in strollers. Besides the delicious hamburgers and beer, the best thing about the Burgers and Beer 5K is the lack of people. While the three previous races I was in had tens of thousands of people, there were only maybe 700 racers which really opened up the course. The weather just happened to be perfect too so it was a really nice night for a race.

A view of Chicago from Montrose Harbor

I wasn’t running for a Personal Record (PR) and this was just a casual race for me so I was happy with a 28:03 finish. I highly recommend the race for anyone looking for a relaxing fun race on the North side. Part of the packet was a decent running shirt (despite the kind of stupid logo) as well as a pint glass.

Let me know if you ran this race or are thinking of running any Chicago races in the future. Next up for me is the Hot Chocolate. I’m running the 15K this year, the longest race for me yet. I’ll report back on how I do!

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