The Top Ten Racing Games of All Time

I have a random post for you readers today. I was thinking about my favorite racing games, a genre that has really died off in the last couple of years. I feel like today all you get are super realistic games and the creativity and originality has pretty much disappeared. Regardless, I’ve always enjoyed racing games and I hope you enjoy my list of my ten favorite. Let me know in the comments which game(s) you loved and if there are some I left off!

1. Gran Turismo (Playstation)- Absolutely redefined the genre as simulation racing games weren’t popular before it came out. It was gorgeous, the music was great and winning a race just so you could upgrade your clutch was incredibly fun.

2. Super Mario Kart (Super Nintendo)- A phenomenal multiplayer game, and one of the best overall games on the SNES. A million kart racing games have followed but this is the one that started it all.

3. X-Games (Playstation)- A game no one but my friend Reed and I played but this is essentially Road Rash. There’s not a greater feeling that kicking a skateboarder into a tree while you speed past and cross the finish line in first place. I’ve played this game more than any other on the list.

4. F-Zero (Super Nintendo)- An early SNES game, the lack of a multiplayer feature really hurts, but everything else about this game is great. The tracks were cool, the music was cool- I remember trading the cartridge back and forth with Jim trying to beat each others scores.

5. Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)- I remember waiting inline the morning of February 10, 1997 (thank you Wikipedia) outside of Best Buy in Countryside to get this game with fellow Stew Over editor Jim. We then proceeded to play the game for 6 straight hours. The battle mode with 4 people was just about the coolest thing around.

6. Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo 64)- This game did everything that Mario Kart did, but better. It just didn’t come first which is why it is one spot lower. The egg game that I’ve written about Tyler creating was easily my favorite games within a game ever. The unlockables in the game made you want to replay the game over and over.

7. Micro Machines (NES)- My biggest memory of this game was not being able to find it. I would call Blockbuster ten times a day just to see if it had been returned. When I finally got it, it was well worth the wait. Just a really fun game.

8. Waverace(Nintendo 64)- This game had another fun game within a game where one person would get a head start and the other would have to hunt him down. Muliplayer was fun, but single player was a blast too. The water looked great and the physics were well ahead of their time.

9. Cruzin’ USA (Nintendo 64)- I first played this in the arcade, and I played it a lot there. Racing through Chicago was a thrill and although it didn’t make the launch of the N64 it was still worth it.

10. Top Gear 3000 (Super Nintendo)- The best of the Top Gear games, winning races and upgrading your car was a thrill. A very fun to play 2-player game too.

Honorable Mentions:
Forza 4 (Xbox 360)
Project Gotham Racing (Xbox)
Super Sprint (NES)
Super Off Road (Super Nintendo)

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